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  1. 8 hours ago, Legacy said:

    Opening day gun season


    The bad...


    Well the morning started with a trespasser to the north of me shooting 14 times before 8am. He's a local guy and he just doesn't care about anything. I walked out about 10am to help my kid with his deer and found my truck was egged. Yes I said egged. I'm making the assumption that one of the neighbor's assumed it was me shooting up the woods right behind houses and was p*ssed. While I was loading my kids deer in my truck I got a picture of a trespasser (assuming it was the same guy) walking passed the stand I was just in. Please make note of the attire.

    Ridiculous stuff. 



    Sadly I heard of more of this yesterday than ever before.  Just more of the deterioration of society. Less people willing to give permission,  careless acts committed on public, and private tracts becoming too costly for most  are all contributing to good people leaving the pursuit.

  2. 2 hours ago, machzrcr said:

    The ole man wanted to put a good buck down with his pistol this year.  And he got it done today!   Might be the first time he has ever used both buck tags!  


    Please tell Pops congrats for me. That property acquisition sure has worked out for you and the fam.

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  3. 8 hours ago, Legacy said:

    Opening day gun season


    The good ...

    We the highlight of my day was my kid taking down one of our target bucks. It was a unique deer with a double beam and he was very visible on cameras for us all season. I'm pretty damn impressed with the season he has had!






    Super cool buck! I love the unique ones. Tell Hunter Congrats!

  4. I know it doesn’t always line up with your trawl findings but all species seem to be having no problem finding and eating giant, old alewives(wasted fish flesh?) . We have for weeks had some fouling of our lines by impaling alewives. Guys are encountering these extra large alewives at spawning sites as well

    Of course we are seeing other age classes of alewives but it seems like an uptick in the extremely large population.

    Stay well and get some rod time in for yourself. Lady  O is heavy with 2 yr olds this year but the fight in the fish is extraordinary now that they are in full blown Summer pattern.

  5. This is great news! My experience with surveys both in purchasing/selling as well as insurance surveys has been less than stellar. The so called “certified” surveyors have been the worst. 

    The fact that Brian is in our community of anglers and isn’t going anywhere should bring confidence in making him the choice when a survey is required.

    Good luck with your new venture Brian!

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  6. 1 hour ago, GAMBLER said:

    2012 again? Wasn't the 2011 2012 winter warm like this?  That season was amazing!  

    2012 was amazing. Not only the non winter but the 2 yr old yr class was the result of the largest wild hatch of Chinook the Lake has seen. 2018 was also very good due to strong survival of the 2yr old age class.

  7. 15 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    I think the smelt are loving the mud plume. I think you will see an uptick in smelt. I think you will see a great looking class of two year old kings that have been able to feed up all winter on YOY. Surface temps that I believe are recorded 30’ down are showing 39 degrees offshore.  Kings actively feeding all winter might balance out any gains in alewife stocks. 

    Agreed. 2 yr old Kings will dominate and be healthy. I had a 10lb returning “Jack” from last Sept aged by DEC because I was suspicious by it build that it was only a 1.5 yr old. Sure enough it came back at 1.5 yrs old!

    As for Kings feasting on that big alewife year class- lets hope so. It will even out the age structure and give this years alewife crop a shot at better survival.

    If not for King predation on alewife, this biomass would be a mess.

  8. I remember responding to his inquiries to moving his boat west temporarily several years ago. As it usually seemed to be the case, he was concerned about getting his visiting friends or family on fish. So sorry for this loss. Our deepest condolences to his family and close friends.

  9. Rob I was late to the cellular game but Spypoint has a very economical plan for running a bunch of cams. I tried a couple of Tactacam reveals behind the house and pic quality is superior but not enough to get me to switch when running a bunch. 

  10. 16 hours ago, Legacy said:

    I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Dan "Double D" for taking the time to get my gun issues taken care of. In the past week or so he has dealt with a handful of phone calls from me. I ended up purchasing a new scope (based on his recommendation). He then took the time to mount it, bore sight it, and even took it to the range to get it close to zeroed. I can't say enough. 


    I spent some time today at the range regaining confidence in my gun. Gun likes to be dirty so the more I shot the better it looked on paper. All seems good so I head to Ohio hoping to get an opportunity at redemption!




    Good luck in Ohio Rob

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  11. My observations say they were up. Jacks are 1.5 yr old males that sexually mature, return to tribs, spawn and die just like 2.5s, 3.5s and the rare 4.5s.  They appeared to be in exceptional condition with some making it to 10 lbs. 

    Biologists from the Salmon world have said that a higher number of jacks means the year class is well represented. Jacks play an important role in wild populations as they are able to reach upstream gravel during low water years while having an easier time avoiding predators. 

    Merry Christmas! 

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  12. On 11/19/2022 at 5:49 PM, whaler1 said:

    Careful Vince, you might make him smile. 

    There's two situations when he smiles ear to ear non stop  1) when he's taking our money at a tourney due to a high placing 2) When he's sitting in an all inclusive with his bride by his side and a drink in his hand.  All other days they come out begrudgingly.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Legacy said:

    November 19 am
    28 degrees
    SW wind 10-15 mph

    Opening day gun season

    Well my archery season wasn't what I had hope for. Damn work got in the way of hunting. The last two days I was hesitant of hunting because of the wind. A steady light wind works for where I wanted to be but not a heavy gusty wind so I stayed out. And I'm glad I did.

    I got in stand about 610 or so and slowly got settled in with hundred layers. Before I even got my jacket on I had a buck sneak past me about 30 yards. It was too dark to tell which buck it was but of course I was convinced it was one of my target bucks. Ill admit... it screwed with my head a bit.
    Gun shots started ringing out about 639ish from every direction. Then about 715 I noticed movement cutting down the same spot cruising bucks have been using for 2 weeks. Things happen fast. It doesn't take long to realize he's a shooter. I stand turn to my right. Rest the gun on the tree. The deer just happens to stop at 30 yards and I pull the trigger. He dropped in his tracks but I got hit high. 9x scope at 30 yards I guess I should have held down on him. I had to finish him off with a second shot. If only the guy shooting was as good as the gun. emoji38.png.

    To my surprise i have no history with this deer. Big thick wide 9pt with split g2. I'll be patiently waiting on the late season to start!

    Sent from my moto z4 using Lake Ontario United mobile app

    "Less is more" again this season Rob!  Great buck!

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  14. 17 minutes ago, schreckstoff said:

    Wow those are some great deer. Not sure what’s more impressive the body size or the racks. Nice shooting! Love this thread!

    Agree! I dropped my archery buck head off at my taxidermist for a euro. He said he's had more 2.5 yr old bucks come in for mounts than ever and they are huge.   

  15. On 10/7/2022 at 10:52 AM, BSmaster said:

    I was just telling someone this morning how things change.  In the 80s, 30#rs were average.  Now, that's a trophy.  Small to mid size streams were hot in the beginning of OCT and totally done by November.  Now, 20lbs is a good fish and it heats up later in OCT and fresh salmon are caught into the following year.  Water temps and precipitation.  I remember snow and having to wear a winter coat and water everywhere.  I have witnessed some people wading with cargo pants because its so warm and creeks are crystal clear.  I can't comment on the lake fishing but definitely the stream fishing is different.


    I can go into how hunting has changed too... but I don't feel like typing that much. 

    This is a common fallacy. 30 lbers were never "average". I fished a heavy schedule starting in 1985 and the best season we had for 30lb kings was 1989 with two dozen landed. Most of those were 30-32lbs and I was big on accurate scales as I've always been into record keeping. 

    If we are being honest, no matter where we come in on which side of the debate is the size of age 3 Chinooks has changed very little over the course of 40 yrs. What HAS changed is the age structure of the mature Chinook population. 

    The original strain of Chinook planted was predominantly represented by fish maturing at 3 1/2 years old. There was always some "jacks", males maturing at 1 1/2 years old, some males and females maturing in their 2nd year at 2 1/2 yrs old, and a small percentage maturing at 4 1/2 years old that usually resulted in exceptionally large specimens. 

    Today, with the necessary movement towards using holding pens(due to the exploding number of predators at stocking sites) we are seeing a large uptick in Chinooks maturing in their 2nd year as 2.5 yr olds, usually 12-17lbs. I believe this is due to the protection and fast start by regular high quality feedings. It is the opinion of many that the vastly increased survival and the action they provide anglers is well worth the trade off. Now, this isn't ALL of the fish from any pen, just an increased number. 3.5 and 4.5 yr old Chinooks still contribute but in much smaller percentages because the intelligent angling pressure on both the NY southshore and the Ontario Canada Northshore has DRAMATICALLY increased. Everyone wants to target Kings(Chinooks) everyday, all season whenever they are even remotely within boating range. Networking and online information is at an all time high, the fleet on Lake Ontario has changed incredibly with large ocean built sportfishing vessels and modern trailerable rigs with large 4 stroke outboards capable of long ranges. Electronics are better than ever, line is better than ever, hooks are better than ever--the pressure on Chinook is in a completely different realm than it was in the "discovery years" in the 80's. Daily targeting of Chinook April--September did not happen back then.  So what does this mean to this conversation?

    It stands to reason that "the fleet" is cropping off Chinook that may be destined to become mature at 3.5 or 4.5 years old--well before that. There is no right or wrong with this--more people are enjoying the fishery with greater competence than ever before--it just is what it is. Out sized specimens can still exist but with a greater proportion maturing earlier due to fast growth or adaptation coupled with the intense pressure now on any potential older maturing Chinooks it is the new normal.

    Some suggest cutting stocking to produce bigger fish but the fishery wouldnt result in bigger fish because of extra bait per fish. It would result in bigger fish if the action was slow enough to make many hang it up, seeking other fishing opportunities elsewhere. This would leave that tiny population of  potential "30 lbers" to survive their 1st year, 2nd year, and ultimately their 3rd or 4th Summer to reach their ultimate size. Again, in our current fishery, this woulld still remain a small percentage that would even have the potential. Many if left unharvested would still mature in their 2nd year. 

    The Lake is a tale of two strains of Chinook. The natural strain is adapted to our Lake and trib environment. This population experiences wild swings as some hatches are great and others poor. The majority of these fish originate from the Salmon river and Eastern tribs. Early in their life they are caught all over the lake. From mid Summer on any maturing fish will be in the Eastern end of Lake Ontario. Anglers fishing the central and Western end of the South shore are dependent on stocked fish to provide a returning fishery of Chinook. With todays intense pressure on Salmon lakewide, and predation by warmwater predator fish and Cormorants at release sites, this number has become much less significant.  This is the new normal. 

    For anglers relying on stocked sites for their returns, the best course of action is to provide the best pen projects possible along with preventing cormorants from eating the released fingerling Chinooks before they are done smolting. Yes, of course another approach is to bump up stocking numbers to provide a higher escapement rate for the released fingerlings.            

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