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  1. As it was intended for 2021(before Covid threw a wrench in the plan) the Niagara Pro Am, Orleans County Open, and the Sodus Pro Am will be used for scoring the Challenge Cup Chase.  Those interested in getting in will need to see Matt LeClair before or at the Niagara Pro Am Captains meeting. Matt will once again keep the scoring system for the series.
    Cup/Tourney Coordinators received questions about boat restrictions. It was decided that because it was allowed in the past that this year a max of two different vessels can be used per team. This may not be the case in the future if some other plans come to fruition. Teams using two different boats must have the same Captain throughout or two consistent team members at all 3 events. Good luck to all participants.

    Updated Cup points after the first of 3 events: Cup points….
    1. Yankee 301
    2. 5 more minutes 281
    3. Oh baby 278
    4. Legacy 276
    5. Mister 274
    6. Thrillseeker 270
    7. Vision quest 248
    8. Dublin 228. Everyone is still in it and this is what was envisioned. 4 more scoring days and 2 events. Thank you to Matt LeClair for the score keeping.

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  2. 21 hours ago, schreckstoff said:

    Keeping the alewife spawn timing and ages straight can be counterintuitive. Alewife  definitely come inshore early, but more to eat (or die) vs to spawn. Spawning is more like late June, July, even early August. Spawn Can be earlier in embayments. An abstract about LO alewife spawning, (here) from a great fisheries scientist and friend . PM me if u want the paper.

    Bruce is spot on with calling them age-1 or yearlings. I see some posts talking about these small alewife as YOY , but the YOY or young of year (from this year) won’t be around until July or Aug and will be tiny then . Ultimately they grow to 3 or 4 inches by winter. These 3-4 inch fish are age-1 and as many are seeing can be REALLY abundant in the spring when spawning and survival conditions are right the previous  year, but they will draw every predators attention, I loved the post about jack perch chowing them.

    Bruce your observation about the few adults is key, and A-L-A’s points about multiple hatches too! It doesn’t take many adults if conditions are right and we seem on the right warming track this year so far. The work we did with Brockport showed even a few age 1 fish ( very few, only big ones ) could spawn....but it’s not thought they help much.


    What’s most fun to contemplate is what happens with wild kings in a year like this when there are so many similar sized Alewife, does their survival shoot up...which then boosts predatory pressure that crop alewife back down?


    I’m all fired up to fish with Great Laker on Friday, still looking for my first coho! 

    no wasted fish flesh right VP!



    I know, this pic both resembles and describes me  image.jpeg.f5564438cc3e2d041b8b590c62e83729.jpeg

    Come fish Niagara County and pop that damn Coho cherry! Or maybe you shouldn't as your family will send you out for more and you will be in your buddys ear asking for more yearling plants!

    Sadly, yes there is LOTS of "wasted fish flesh" as those bait pics Gill has been sending you are NOT the 1 yr olds. They are GIANT alewives--so big that even adult Kings could have a hard time choking them down. Should be ideal for pig Lakers though. They are rattling riggers and hitting spoons like they did in the 70s and 80s. 

    The pressure on the Kings is insane. We never needed the cut--WE the anglers as well as the damn cormorants, and Walleyes were already instituting a cut. This fishery cannot be sustained waiting on a good King or Coho wild hatch every 4--6 years.     

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  3. As it was intended for 2021(before Covid threw a wrench in the plan) the Niagara Pro Am, Orleans County Open, and the Sodus Pro Am will be used for scoring the Challenge Cup Chase.  Those interested in getting in will need to see Matt LeClair before or at the Niagara Pro Am Captains meeting. Matt will once again keep the scoring system for the series.

    Cup/Tourney Coordinators received questions about boat restrictions. It was decided that because it was allowed in the past that this year a max of two different vessels can be used per team. This may not be the case in the future if some other plans come to fruition. Teams using two different boats must have the same Captain throughout or two consistent team members at all 3 events. Good luck to all participants.

  4. Update to original question- new management for the Harbor resort restaurant is targeting Memorial weekend to open for breakfast. I am not connected in any way just passing this on.

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  5. Yeah no, cooking onboard will never happen in my operation. The clients bring enough for 2 armies daily anyway. To end any speculation, Nick has retired as a professional cook- Ive seen him receive incredible offers and pass. He did his time.

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  6. There is some chatter about someone new taking over the Harbor resort restaurant(campground across rt 18) and opening early for breakfast but I do not know the timeframe.  For now Bills diner in Newfane is usually open by 530 am and Tim Hortons drive through in Newfane is open by 530 am. 

    There is the East side market in Olcott that has opened early with breakfast sandwiches in the past during Summer and fall but you would need to inquire with them if they have started that yet.   

  7. Its been over a year since US anglers have been welcome in  Canada, and now there is yet another complete shutdown in your neck of the woods. The best advice I could give is to join the St Catherines Game and Fish association. Lots of great people and lots of knowledge in that group.

    If anglers are actually allowed to launch over there right now, your area has good Brown trout, Lake trout, and Salmon fishing for the entire Spring.  

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  8. This years event is Friday, August 20th 2021.  This is the 6th year of this annual event held to raise funds to benefit Ladies Cancer research/organizations.  It is held in Niagara County from the ports of Olcott and Wilson.  Last year despite a reduced field due to pandemic concerns, over 10K was raised for BCN(Breast Cancer Network) of Western NY--metastatic research. 

    Teams of women consisting of 2 to 6 participate on their own boats, boats of friends, charter boat arrangements, and generous volunteer Captains who make their vessels available.

    Hours of competition are 6 am --12 noon with an optional after party w/ fundraising activity as well as an awards ceremony.

    Interested parties can print out a registration form on the website-- reelinforacure.com All rules are on this website as well.  Please direct any questions or to volunteer your vessel for an existing team(without a boat), or for a ladies team without a boat to get on a list to be paired go to email-- [email protected]   For more info check out website and facebook page-- Reelin' for a cure.     PLEASE use these above sources  for info and registration, NOT this forum. It will not be monitored for that purpose.  Thank you!    

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  9. 3 minutes ago, schreckstoff said:

    Going in to Swega tomorrow will check ramp and post. No clue as to ramp availability later in season Hawkeye, but I’ll post conditions when I can.

    Gill you crack me up! FYI we had some recent success getting permission to do the trawl survey, it has been an uphill battle! My Canadian colleagues are battling too. Niagara Co samples are definitely key, but as we know from the past 4 years equally important is North Shore sampling, fingers crossed the grey & the green boat get the necessary permission to sample CA waters this year.

    Sorry we can’t accommodate ride alongs this year, stay tuned for next year. As always keep the prey fish observations coming, they are our best source of comparison and critique. Also, look for a report on all the salmonid diet samples you have collected (over many years) in this year’s annual report. 

    Had coho cakes for dinner, man are those things tasty!


    Going with the "yearling plus" Spring Coho stocking should put a few more fillets in your freezer. A great Sportfish. Hoping all goes well with the trawls and the powers that rule allow full access. 

  10. Ran an '82 with a custom lower station(which I loved) for 22 years.  I would not put a kicker on it if you will be Salmon fishing. The clean transom is a beautiful thing for a guy coming from a 20 footer. Tunnels are notorious for handling challenges but twins are much better than a single tunnel for handling. 

    Pros of the model you are considering-- super stable at slow trolling speeds, one of the best "ditch"(trough) trolling hulls I've ever experienced. Speed control was a STRENGTH with properly tuned 350's and a quality matched set of trolling bags--one for each side. Amazing amount of room in salon to get out of weather. Very large cockpit. That model was proven by several full time Captains on Lake Ontario to be a great fish catcher. 

    Cons of that model were running hard into a head sea the relatively flat deadrise pounds a bit but the boat weighs 12k dry so its not terrible. Handling in tight quarters can be challenging but because you don't have to unlearn behaviors from traditional twin inboards you can definitely master it. Twin tunnels can be backed in no different than other twin inboards, you just need more thrust and to learn the unique nuances.

    Any used fiberglass boat should be surveyed. You may have found a '78 with very low hours but it should still have a complete survey of hull and engines.

    As for auto pilot, as long as it has hydraulic steering it should be very easy to install and should perform very well.

    One last pointer since you are new to larger vessels--the boat will track extremely well at trolling speeds with one trolling bag deployed on the side of the engine you are trolling on. Trolling is done on one engine in almost all conditions. When trolling into a head sea the bag gets pulled.

    Good luck if you decide this is the vessel for you.


  11. We want you as a member of the Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association!!!     Whether you are a captain, a guide, a recreational angler, a sponsoring association, a stakeholder, or just someone who has a passion for the Lake Ontario fishery our association is for you. https://lakeontariocharterboatassociation.com/sign-up/   Our History- A few years ago the merger between the two largest charter boat clubs on the south shore (the Genesee Charter Boat Association and the Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association) took place.  The club decided that it would be in our best interest to assume the name "Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association" and when this happened, the idea to create the premier charter boat association on Lake Ontario, was born.    What is the "purpose" of our organization? The purpose of "LOCBA" is to advance the charter boat industry on Lake Ontario and also increase sport fishing opportunities on the lake by: -Representing and articulating the views on issues affecting quality angling and the charter boat industry on Lake Ontario. -Interacting with governmental regulatory and management agencies whose policies and programs might impact the Lake Ontario fishery. -Setting standards of conduct to insure the integrity of the charter boat industry on Lake Ontario -Acting as a mechanism for education of the angling public and for the exchange information among charter boat operators and related associations.   Meetings- Our general meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend. Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association general meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month starting promptly at 7:00 pm at the Irondequoit Fish and Game Club (658 Bay Front S Rochester, NY 14609).   Our remaining 2021 meeting schedule... 3/2 4/6 5/4 6/1 7/6 8/3 9/7 10/5 11/2 12/7     For more information on joining our mailing list, becoming a member, or learning more about us…
    Check out our Website: www.lakeontariocharterboatassociation.com
    Make sure to follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lakeontariocharterboatassociation
    Captain Rob Westcott LOCBA President PO Box 1046 Webster, NY 14580 www.lakeontariocharterboatassociation.com [email protected] 585-703-0969  

    This reorganized association is heading in the right direction and has already proved its worth. Its a must for Stakeholders whether a Professional Captain, a related business owner or a concerned rec fisherman.

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  12. We are pleased to announce dates for two of these events for 2021.  They will be held out of Oak Orchard. The first will be a 1 day event  July 10th. The 2nd will be a 2 day event September 4th and 5th. These events were very well received last season despite very short notice. Competing teams provided very positive feedback and area businesses appreciated the influx of anglers.

    Details are still being finalized but the catch formats will remain the same with 6 Salmon allowed per day and culling of live fish permitted. Look here for further updates and how to register/reserve a spot but we wanted to get the dates out there.   

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  13. The last few posts were excellent. Very thought provoking. I was never a "camera guy", as we practically live on the water April--mid October. Rushing to get boats winterized always provides conflict with my preferred bowhunting.

    This year was different. For the lack of having anywhere else I took on a small lease just to have a place to hunt other than the back 9. The covid shutdown drove me nuts last Spring and I dove into trail cams pretty hard to keep my sanity and to try to learn the new spot.

    I have never worked harder and had less results at Whitetail hunting than I did this past season. Yes, primarily on a "new to me" spot but the biggest change was THE CAMERAS. 

    Just as mentioned in above posts, many "one and done" pictures or despite extremely cautious approaches just night pictures of targets--even in cover.

    I have come to the conclusion that my camera practices are the culprit. Where they are placed, the brand, frequency of checking them, are all up for analysis. Before anyone asks- no, I have not gone to the "cell" cams yet. Is this where we are now with NYs educated herd? Sure you don't have to visit them as much but do they spook the targets less? 

    I would love to hear observations on the benefits/damages that trail cams create--primarily on older/wiser deer--and I realize that that isn't just bucks--matriarch does changing routines can definitely alter everything. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Gill-T said:

    Good video


    Well worth the watch. These guys do a test many of us have wanted to conduct and save us lots of money. I love the use of the USPS boxes!  Some good info no matter where you land on the fixed vs expandable debate.

  15. 1 hour ago, whaler1 said:

    Thank you to Steve who was also hunting the property. UTV and lights made for a much easier recovery, and to share with family and a good friend, priceless.

    Outstanding! Congrats to Billy and Dad!
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  16. 4 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    Opening Day Sh&t show summary. This year I decided to expand my portfolio of state land knowledge. The good.....my nice bow buck. The bad.....opening day of gun. I don’t want to get too specific on the whereabouts of this parcel but I will say it sounds like “Royce Hill” near “Branklinville”. When I did a brief scouting mission on the property I was not overly impressed with the deer sign but there is QDMA land on the southern border so to quote the movie Dumb and Dumber, “so you are saying I have a chance”. The lack of escape cover had me concerned but there is a small block of thick near the parking lot. So I hatched a plan, zig when I usually zag, ie. go short instead of my usual deep trek. Mind you there were zero cars when I went during bow season scouting mission...,.opening day we pull in and there are already 11 cars in the lot. My brother and I shrug our shoulders and say f-it we don’t have many options at this point. My brother goes deep and I go into my climber overlooking the thick.  Up on the ridge I can see headlamps from hunters every 200 yards (scary)- looked like an airplane runway!  Light comes and I actually have a doe come by. Ha! my master plan is working!  It was mostly down hill from there. I could smell guys smoking, talking on the way to their spots, talking on cell phones on their way to spots, road hunters driving up and down the road all day. I had one dude set up fifty yards from the road, break out a rattling bag and proceed to make the worst sounding deer fight in the annals of deer hunting history. After the historic deer rattling sequences resulted in no deer seen, the hunter left the woods after 30 minutes and drove off. I decided my master plan sucked and got down out of the tree, placed my climber in the car and ducked into the thicket for plan B. Rubs, scrapes and deer poop told me I was in a bedroom at least. Still hunting carefully into the thicket I find a spot to sit out the rest of the day. After an hour I spot movement. Head down and birddogging so I figure has to be a buck. I can’t see the head and the deer is moving away out of range. I give the deer a Hail Mary grunt and snort wheeze. The deer locks into my direction and I am able to get the scope on ......her (crap). This is a strange finding a doe by herself I thought. Not sure if she she got separated from the group by hunters walking in or chasing bucks but she clearly was lonely. She walked right over to the strange orange grunting snort wheezing deer to within 15 yards and settled in. She knew I was not a deer but she hung out for a good two hours. I was hoping she would attract a buck but alas no. The capper was at 4:00 witching hour a truck pulls up and a guy comes walking into the thicket still hunting on what are now cornflake leaves. I grab my pack in a huff and say out loud “that’s it”!  and walk off like a brat. When I got to my car I found out the car doing burnouts in the parking lot had done so to spray mud all over everyone’s cars. Such is the life if you covet the challenge of hunting state land. Back at it on a new to me block this weekend. 

    Excellent piece of writing. Just when I was about to reconsider public land again--you brought it all back to memory, Many of the exact same details I have experienced. The last time I gun hunted public in NY I came across a fella wearing a white "Jack Daniels" T-shirt and he had one of those chest belts on diagonally chock full of 12 gauge slugs.  I was dying dragging out a doe on dry ground and all he uttered was "where ya get that one?"   

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