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  1. No problem launching the boat on sat. theirs plenty of room. Fishing was slow for me only putting two five pounders in the boat of the smithwiks and two other strikes but they got off. Surface temp was 45 and graphed plenty of fish but no bait. Gonna try cayuga this weekend. Be back up in a couple weeks to try again. Thanks again for the info guys.
  2. You guys are great. I wasnt doubting ya about squezin through just wanted to be 100% sure. Thanks alot. Goin after the browns, yeah baby!
  3. Planning a trip up to Oswego on sat. hoping to be able to launch my boat. Just wondering if anyones been out or would you be definitely able to launch out of wrights landing. Its a long trip and would hate to waste the gas Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I see the last time anyone was talking about this was last september. Just wondering where its at today. Sounds like fun!
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