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    West Simsbury,CT -winter Sodus-April-Sept.
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    Fishing,-First of course. Lure construction, Flies- making 100's,Carving specialized items. Woodworking.
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    [email protected] Marina- Leroy Island
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About Me

I am a retired Educational Supervisor/Administrator. I've always fished (I first remember fishing at about the age of 3(maybe 4). We fished Lake Champlain's East side and did it as a family. We were Vermonters then.

I did most of my teen years growing up in (then rural) Connecticut, I was a stream fisherman in those years.

I graduated from High School in 1958 and went of to college,and experienced failure. I worked for a while as a technician for an aerospace company, Then the USMC for a while

.I got married in 1963 and 50 years later we're still married.

In 1964 I re-entered college and graduated in 1967, I went for my Master's Degree with a fellowship and received my degree in 1969

I worked for the Boy Scouts of America for the next 10 years. Then returned to Graduate school to study for my PH.D in Geology. Which I finally complete (that dissertation took 7 rewrites with a lot of long distance communications).

While I did that I became a teacher and spent 23 years in that professional track, finally retiring 10 years ago.

All my free time over the years has been spent fishing or getting ready to go fishing. I even tried In Nam - not much time though.except during leave time. I can say I fished for Carp in the Mekong.

I presently do 97 % of my fishing out of Sodus bay, I'm in my third boat, Now using a 28ft Baha thats really tricked out for pursuing Salmon. My log book says I went out on 11 days last year, and if you count separate home port departures 117 trips.

I'm always looking for people to join me on a trip. so if you're interested ....

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