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  1. IMPORTANT UPDATEIMPORTANT NOTICE: It is Aug. 23 and we have no entrants. Many said they are signing up at the last minuite so they know the weather. We will procede, but with the following stipulations. If we receive less than 50 registrations, the posted prizes will be prorated. We will guarantee a minimum payout of 90% of all registration fees taken in. Merchandise gifts from sponsors are in addition to the 90% payout, however we may be a little less than advertised above because JRC has not kept his written word and has failed to follow thru on his offer of $1000 in merchandise. However, we still have some great prizes. The long range weather forcast looks good, so we'll see you sunday. You can sign up on line at payeverydayderby.com or at any of our weigh stations. Check out the announcement page on our web site plus the sponsor page.
  3. Hi: I agree with you philosophy. It is the whole basis as to why we at PEDD have a live leader board. You can go on line or cal the weigh staations and se the bigggest fish so far any given day. Why kill fish you don't have to. Dr. Bob
  4. PEDD’S YEAR END BONANZA starts on AUGUST 28, 2011. See above for details!
  5. PEDD’S YEAR END BONANZA AUGUST 28, 2011 OVER $5000 IN PAY OUTS $2000 FIRST PLACE $1000 2ND $500 3RD $250 4TH $100 5TH ALL ENTRANTS WHO WEIGH IN FISH WHO ARE NOT IN TOP 5 RECEIVE $50 IN MERCHANDISE ALL OF THIS FOR A $100 BOAT FEE!!! TOURNAMENT INFORMATION: Lake-wide, but all fish much be weighed in at Captain’s Cove (Oak Orchard). Weigh in is from 2:30 to 3:30 PM. All participants must be in the weigh in line no later than 3:30PM. We will weigh in your 3 best fish. Each fish is 10 points and each pound is 1 point. You may weigh in trout or salmon. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You can register on line or sign up at any of our weigh stations. Just advise the weigh station that you are purchasing a boat pass for Aug. 28 and they will write it on the entry application. The first prize is $1500 cash and $500 in merchandise/gift certificates. Second place is $$750 cash and $250 in merchandise/g.c. Third $300 cash and $200 m./g.c. 4th. $150/$100 5th. $50/$50. Get your pass now at PayEveryDayDerby.com
  6. You can now hear it fom the FISH'S MOUTH. Allow me to give you an update. We are running about twice as many entrants as this time last year. We are going to start with a $200/day payout. Check out the Mother's day special. IN add. to he $200 there will be a $100 gift card from SLIPPERY SNEAKER. We will also be having two special $2500 days; July 24 and Aug. 28. More will follow on these days later, but mark your calanders. There will also be several other special sponsor days during the season. This is my first time posting on the site and I thank Chad for allowing us to do this. Here are the ans. to two Q's I saw. First of all Charter Captains "have to be in it to win it". When we hit 1700 plus registrants, we will be offering a $1000 monthly prize to Charter Captains who are reg. As far as the web site, yesterday there was a failure at the hosting server and hundreds of web sites had the same message as ours. Our IT guys got right on it and got it fixed ASAP. Check out the new Announcement and Sponsor pages; we will be adding additinal sponsors on an ongoing basis. Bet of all to all of you. Dr. Bob Fisher
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