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  1. Oh wow, thanks, Sk8man! We haven't been there in a couple of years, so I was just going off memory, but thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. -CatFisher
  2. Anyone know if anything is going on at Onanda Park on Canandaigua? Hi guys! It's looking like it will be a nice weekend, and I'm wondering if there's any action down at Onanda Park on Canandaigua. No boat or kayaks for us yet this season, but we were thinking of doing some shore fishing this weekend from their pier that gets in to some fairly deep water. We're hoping to get lucky and maybe hit some trout in shallow and if not maybe just some perch. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you for your help!
  3. Thank you, Erabbit, that's great to know too! I've honestly never been fishing on Seneca, so maybe we'll give that a try as well. We appreciate the info, thanks for the help! -CF
  4. Hey guys, thank you very much for the info! That's exactly the kind of info I was hoping to learn. Any ideas where else my wife and I might try this time of year to cast to some trout? We'd greatly appreciate any advice you can offer to us. Thank you very much for your help! -CatFisher
  5. Hi, insufishent! Thank you for the advice. I know there is still a park there, but can I ask what you used to be able to catch from that spot? Are there trout in close early in the season? Thanks again, we very much appreciate the help! -CF
  6. Or maybe the guys that fish around Rochester are just more friendly? http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/27900-shore-fishing-around-rochester/
  7. Thank you, I very much appreciate the info about Onanda Park; that's really all I was asking for. And though I'm sorry to hear about your injuries, I do not do telephones for my own reasons, so that's why I declined your offer to speak with me. I would welcome any and all input anyone has by posting it here here, by email, or by PM, but I'd prefer to stay off the telephones, thanks I wish you well, and hope you will be back out fishing soon. Thanks very much for your help! -CatFisher
  8. Well, I'm certainly no lurker, I've been a member since 2010, and would have expected a bit more help from fellow LOU members. I find it hard to believe that members here routinely post about their fishing trips, conditions, places they fish, tackle/techniques they use, and if they were successful or not for all over the Great Lakes and surrounding areas, but I'm met with resistance for asking about PUBLIC fishing opportunities because right now our boat is in storage. I've also read plenty of posts from others asking about ice or water conditions, or if a boat launch is open yet, but I guess asking about the conditions at public places is just too invasive for this tight-knit group. I really just wanted to know if it's deep water out at Onanda Park, but I can take a ride out there my self this afternoon and check it out in person. Thanks again for the replies. -CF
  9. Also, what about the park at the very north end of the lake in Canandaigua? Can you catch early season trout from there? Really what I'm looking for is something like the public pier up at Charlotte in Rochester where you can cast spoons and spinners to early season trout and salmon. Does something like that exist on Canandaigua? Thanks a lot! -CF
  10. Thanks guys, but I'm not asking for detailed info on anyone's hot spot, I'm asking only for public access places, and what they might be like if we decide to try them. Information about such places should be readily available to encourage more people to get out there, and in no way infringes on the "real" fishing from boats or private land. The Naples Creek area was just one location we were asking about (and really I was just asking about the season dates there), but we're open to other public spots on the lake, such as Onanda Park. If anyone has any information about Onanda Park, or any other places we should consider, we'd very much appreciate your help. Thanks again! -CatFisher
  11. Hi, Hookedup! Thanks for the reply. We did realize that a lot of the lake is privately owned. I also knew about the boat launch at Woodville, but is there a pier or anyplace to fish there? Also, would you know anything about a pier or dock at Onanda Park? A friend of mine told me that's a good spot to try, but I don't know anything about it. And April 1st down at Naples creek; got it, thanks! -CatFisher
  12. Hey, Les! Thanks for the reply and offer, but could you post your suggestions here so it might help some other people too? Thanks again! -CatFisher
  13. I guess not many folks here have to fish from the shore, huh? -CatFisher
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