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  1. the square backs are nice for mounting motors, but you lose allot of the carring wieght. you'll love them for fishing either way. Thanks for the post but what does this mean? Paul
  2. I,m going to head up to buy a canoe, Jim has me convinced! I have and older Chrysler and am looking for advice on car top carrier kits- thanks guys- Paul
  3. Thanks Jim, I will- great advice!!
  4. I'm thinking of going with a 14 footer with a transom- Jim, and am curious as to how you like the 2 pointed canoe? If the canoe is closer to a row boat, woudn't the ability to mount a small engine on the back be the best way to go?
  5. Jim; I,m assuming your canoe is out of state now- correct?
  6. Jim, I'm getting excited- was yours a 12 or 14 inch transom? Paul
  7. Wow, thanks Jim. The prices seem to be in my range and what great looking boats. I did note that under material- all said "aluminum", are they leaving anything out as you said yours was an alloy-- THANK YOU - Paul
  8. Thanks for reminding me, Jim. I bought my son's Kevlar canoe there 15 yrs. ago. and it was about 1200 dollars (they're probably 2000 now). I did like the staff and the store. I think I will take a trip there. I,m assuming your canoe must be Kevlar as well. BTW, hello neighbor, I live in Red Creek ( or as the natives call it,Red Crick) . Paul
  9. The canoe is my son's plus I,m thinking I would like more floor space than a canoe would offer. I looked at some jon boats and a 12 footer only weighs in at around 110 lbs. Maybe this is an option? Thanks guys- Paul
  10. I,m retired and hoping to do some fishing this year. I borrowed my son's canoe last year and found it too unstable for any comfort (could not stand). I would like a light weight canoe or pram that I could put on top of a car (can't afford gas for a truck), preferably with a flat stern be able to gear it it with and electric motor. Any suggestions appreciated- Paul
  11. victorytea

    Kring point

    Kevin , thanks for your valuable input. Is Kring our best bet for perch or do you prefer someplace else in the area? Thanks again, Paul
  12. victorytea

    Kring point

    Kevin; I guess we could take a canoe but we won't be able to make it to Kring til later in the spring- do you mind if I stay in touch with you via e-mail? Thanks, Paul
  13. victorytea

    Kring point

    Thanks Kevin. Is it possible to fish for perch effectively at Kring w/o a boat?
  14. victorytea

    Kring point

    My buddy and I want to fish Kring Point this spring for perch. Any of you fellas fished there? and when in April should we go? Thanks, Paul
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