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  1. Hey Trannyman, do you have set your VHF with a MMSI ? Anyone here is using MMSI ?
  2. Hi Trannyman, I will not be at Sand Banks Provincial Park, but at Quinte's Isle Campark. A lot of people told be to go at Tacke Shop at Wellington. It sure I will take a look at here to complete my Lake Ontario Takle Box I should find what I need here ?
  3. Someone has told me this, but I don't want to make a 1h ride of car only for fishing here, I will be near the sandbanks area, if I am not able to reach the king, I will fish for other species. I will bring my father in law, my goal for the week is making him catch a fish, I will be happy. But the king, it's only for my pleasure, don't want to catch fish in a easy way. And other question: Speed ? I saw a lot of lure suggestions, but how to present it to the fish ?
  4. July 10th-17th, is it true that Salmons will begin to approach the river near of Port Hope ? Within these date, what should be the strategies ?
  5. Yes, I will go to local tackle shop in Wellington before, some people suggest my to talk to the owner VHF Radio: installed, but only a 3 feet antenna, i will buy a 8 feet for the lake. What is the channel you are using to chat each other on VHF ?
  6. Hi I will came in July for vacation for 1 week in Ontario, Sandbanks. I will bring my 16' Princecraft with downrigger. I know it's a small boat for the lake and I hope I will have good weather forecast to be able to fish. I know I will not be able to fish the king. Do you know if this website give accurate forecast about the waves height and period ? http://www.crh.noaa.gov/greatlakes/?c=map&l=lo&p=a Near of the shore, is there a way to fish salmon/trout ? If too hard condition, I will put my effort in the Quinte area for walleyes
  7. Name: Ludo Location: St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC Home Port: Boat Name/Type: Princecraft 162 I fish for: salmon, trouts ================== Hi here, I will be fishing July 10-17th, when condition will be great (I hope for my small boat). Try will be near of SandBanks in Ontario, never fished here, my only goal is get my father in law a salmon or a great trout, it's always my goal when I bring someone fishing with me. On which channel do you chat on the VHF ?
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