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  1. Great day on Conesus. Caught >10lbs in 45 minutes. two 3 lbs a 2 lb and to littler ones. Started at 3pm, nothing for 45 minutes, then it was like a switch. 45 minutes later five fish in the boat. Lost a real nice one also. Broke my line. Time for a new rod, the eyelets are all chewed up, chaffing my line. Fished docks west side across from the public launch and moved south along it. I was fishing wacky worm and my boat partner was fishing texas rig, both were using pumpkin seed color with various fleck color soft plastics. Caught several smaller ones after the initial 45 minute excitement but nothing of any substance. It is amazing how it can turn on and off just like a light switch. Include is a fish pic, however not from me, from some other guys that were fishing with us. Always forget to take pics of my fish
  2. Can anyone identify some hot spots for Bass on Conesus lake. I will be out there next Friday. Locations and any particular type of tackle (color , type or both) would be most appreciated.
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