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  1. Thanks guys Anybody ever use an electric Knife?
  2. Hi i am new to salmon fishing and was wondering how most people clean the salmon. I am used to filleti g small walleye . Does somebody have a link on how to clean them with pictures or a video? Thanks Sturgeonx
  3. I am new to using Spin doctors and have a couple questions. 1, what side do most people attached the fly to fishing for kings 2. What hole to do you attached the main line to 1st or 2nd. thanks Sturgeonx
  4. Very interested. I will pm you later as i cant send a message using the app. Sturgeonx
  5. What size do most people use for salmon and rainbows on lake Ontario? thanks
  6. I have read on some sites that the Apex lures have produced some salmon and rainbows. I have never used them and was wondering what size are commonly used on lake Ontario and how do most people rig them. DO you use them straight up, on the riggers, leadcore, dipsy's. Do you use them behind flashers, how far behind the flasher. How fast do they troll? I am going to buy some smaller one for lakers and landlocked atlantic on the local lakes here. thanks sturgeonx
  7. Orignaleux I am going there next weekend. Please let us know how you do. Are there tackle shops nearby. Never tried meat before. Should I get the gear for this? Thanks Sturgeonx
  8. I have a track system installed on my Lund fisherman its a 2004 and I have 1 scotty electric and 1 cannon manual. the side the scotty is on flex like crazy when I let out or bring in the ball and its only an 8lbs ball. The track is 24 inches long and had a support underneath the aluminium already and I added another piece of 1 x 5 underneather and bolted the track to both. I am worried that it is going to get worse. I couldn't get a piece of of wood the total width of the gunnel because it gets narrower as I go towards the front of the boat and there are wires hanging from there also. Anybody have any ideas how to make this more sturdy? thanks sturgeon
  9. ANybody know if the bert holders work in the cannon track and vice versa? the cannon tracks are cheaper but the berts holders are more. thanks Sturgeonx
  10. I have been asking a lot of questions lateley and I am glad the members have replied with lots of info. What size snap swivel do you use for spoons, flashers? Is there any brand in particular? Where can I buy the online, I live in a area where most shops carry the cheapest ones around. thanks Sturgeonx
  11. I am new to fishing salmon and I am going to try wire. What kind of wire should I get 7 or 19 strand, what brand and where can I get it online. I am also looking for a place to get some spoons online. thanks Sturgeonx
  12. Thanks for all the input. great site and great members. Is wire that much better than braid? From what I read the wire is necessary when the fleas show up, when does this usually happen.? what rod do I need to run wire? If i want the best and if I am on a budget? I just ordered saltist with copper from Atomik. Thanks again
  13. HI I am shopping for 2 dipsy reels to run with power pro 50lbs. What size should I get ? I was thinking aboutt he okuma convector 30. If I were to run 1 wire what size would I need. thanks Sturgeonx
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