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  1. Anybody have any luck jigging yet?
  2. Starting to make arrangements for our early may fishing trip to the 1000 islands. Looking for some suggestions. Taking my 8 and 5 year olds this year and rather then spend all day unsnagging lures id like to spend some time with minnows or jigging. Can anybody help me out with locations and types of jigs?
  3. So i spent the morning on the lake yesterday and it was my worst experience yet. had one big one to the boat and lost it. two other brief hookups and that was it. Couldn't find any fish in the hammondsport area, a few around the bluff but not many. Found a bunch off a couple different points but they weren't hitting. Skyn60, i was using your jigs and have had much success with them. Most people i have talked to said to chalk it up to the cold front that has moved in. You guys buy in to that?? Can anybody fill me in on these fish's habits. Couple weeks ago we were hammering them in about 50ft in the hammondsport area and now I can't find them anywhere in that area. Looked all over yesterday all the way out to about 125ft and found nothing. Where did they go?? Spending the week up there the 3rd week in july and would like to take my kids out to catch a few but not very optimistic at the moment.
  4. Do most guys use jigging spoons when there is more current and its harder to stay vertical??
  5. new to laker fishing and looking for some insight. we have been jigging keuka the last few wednesday and have done fairly well, landing around 10 a trip. normally fish early from around 6 to 10 in the am. late may we were catching most in the 50-60ft range but have not been able to find them on the fish finder the last trip or two and ended up in 100-120ft to find them. Is that the norm, as the water warms they move out deeper or should i be looking in other areas?? fun catching them in the deep water but it makes jigging a little more complicated fighting the current when it gets a little windy. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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