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    Buck Pond

    I fished this pond last year with my Kayak in Jul. It was extremely weedy and hard to paddle through at times. Although there are some holes in the weeds you can fish through. I caught to good size bass (around 16in) using a Kevin Van Dam Strike King 'Burner' Spinnerbait (two willow blades and a trailer hook). I burned them at the surface to keep them on top of the weeds. One bass I caught I didn't realize I had him on the line initially - I thought I was stuck in the weeds again and when I pulled the 'weed clump' out of the water, low and behold there was a nice bass covered in the tangled mass of weeds. So bottom, not bad fishing, but you'll be fighting the weeds. I am heading back again next week (I live in northern VA now) and was thinking of checking it out again and may try using frogs or flipping creature baits in the weed holes. If you head there let me know how you did.
  2. Hello, I was born and raised in Rochester, NY, but have lived in Northern Virginia for the last 20 years. I will be visiting my family for a couple days before heading to Alexandria Bay for camping / fishing trip with some friends. Can anyone give me advice on good places to fish for pike in the Rochester (or surrounding) area, as well as good locations within the St. Lawrence near Wellesley Island? I will be fishing from a kayak, so I tend to avoid large lakes, but willing to hit smaller lakes like Silver Lake, etc. And secondly, where specifically at these locations I should try, since I am unfamiliar with the fishing area and don't have enough time to learn where the good fishing spots are. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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