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  1. I pass this boat everyday going to work if I didn't buy a new to me boat last season I would have definitely taken a good look at this boat. Good luck with the sale
  2. Mercury quicksilver 3000 controls complete with trim and mercury cables 200 dollars
  3. nowickyj

    Pulaski Salmon River area campgrounds

    X2 salmon country
  4. nowickyj

    Fish hawk

    The model is Fish hawk 800
  5. I have 2 head units,one transducer, and 2 probes. I purchased off another LOU member a few weeks ago. I have not installed this unit to make sure it works but he said it worked fine. The transducer is chipped where the wheel attaches see attached photo. The extra head unit was off my boat. my unit didn't read anything but surface speed that's why I bought the other unit. I figured it was the probe. I did try the probe but has the same results so I just went with a brand new unit. 200 bucks
  6. nowickyj


    We got them in 150 fow. 138 down about 7 miles out temps are deep
  7. nowickyj


    Good times charter out of salmon river
  8. Invader commander 5000 electric downriggers. They are in good working condition. Comes with cover, mount, and power cable. I have some spare parts too. I will be in the Pulaski area between 8/21 - 8/25. 200 dollars for the pair.
  9. nowickyj

    Scenery pics

  10. nowickyj

    Jasper Marine engines

    Went with mercruiser 357 thanks for the imput installing it Thursday. Sent from my SM-N920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. nowickyj

    Jasper Marine engines

    Yes it is a 1.50 drive Sent from my SM-N920V using Lake Ontario United mobile app