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  1. Thanks guys -- I will let you know how I make it if I make it out. Cabin fever does indeed suck!
  2. Hey guys -- I have been following the posts. I am not familiar with the Seneca pier -- question, where is this and is the area conducive to kayak fishing? I am looking to get out on open water Saturday while it's decent (40 degrees) and was looking to get on Seneca or another open water spot in greater Rochester area. Let me know if you have suggestions -- thanks!
  3. Boat's in storage --- any tips/good spots to fish from shore on Conesus? Kayaking also an option.
  4. Thanks -- I'll try it out next time and let you know results
  5. New to the forum and looking for some tips from the seasoned vets -- Hoping to fish Hemlock and Canadice on a kayak this Fall --Looking for Lakers and Walleye if I can get them. Recommendations on hot spots? Tackle? Thanks.
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