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  1. Spent the day on the bay used fat head minnows jigs twisters fished the bottom and every place in between tried all the normal perch spots for this time of year NOTHING not even a dink did have some wind out of the north saw about 4 other boats did not see any fish caught .
  2. tjar2w


    Has anyone tried for smelt anywhere yet.
  3. Launched the boat in big sodus looking for perch they are deep most big ones caught at 30 ftow fishing right on the bottom with #6 hook small splitshot and fathead minnows only kept the big ones lots of 8 and 9 inch the bite is very light on the big ones the rod end barely moved just a couple twitches then set the hook I did not drop anchor wind was sse so I let it blow me along the 30 ftow mark had three poles in lots of fun when I passed over a school of perch I do not keep more than we will eat so I don't take pictures took home 10 real nice perch.
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