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  1. On 5/25/2023 at 11:13 AM, greenhornet73 said:

    I have a Gander Mountain IM6 8’ Musky rod I bought on clearance years ago  when it was closing down for around $40 and it works awesome for jigging striped bass and bluefish but haven’t tried casting with it.  It has awesome backbone but very little tip action unless under a decent load.  Does a good casting rod have a little softer tip or not necessarily?

    Not necessarily - the tip and its action (or how soft the top end of the rod feels) varies between rod manufacturers. To get an idea on how a muskie rod might feel, compare both its action (medium, MH, H, XH, etc) to its taper (moderate, moderate fast, fast, etc.). A rod with a fast taper will bend more towards the tip of the blank thus giving it that stiffer feeling. St. Croix rods tend to have faster tapers paired with their actions vs. chaos tackle rods which have more of a parabolic bend and load more further down the blank. Both are great rods and have different tip actions. A lot of it comes down to A. what you're throwing with it and B. personal preference.


    To the original poster's question: what is the size baits are you going to be throwing with this rod? Boat-side maneuvers are a big part of musky fishing now so longer rods have definitely become the norm. If you're going to stay under 8' or go with a longer (8'0+) telescopic rod, you can probably find some used ones in facebook groups that are relatively cheap to ship and discounted. Otherwise, your retail options are pretty limited around NY minus cabelas in Buffalo and Chautauqua Reel Outdoors in Lakewood down by Chautauqua. 

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  2. Awesome catch and nice fish especially from where he caught it but I would wager the farm that its not even close to approaching 60"...I would put it at maybe 52-53" given the additional photo angles I've seen. That and, the fact that it went from 60" to 57" in less than 2 days (from the same guy) leads me to strongly believe that it was not accurately measured at all and that it was more of an estimate to begin with.

  3. 16 hours ago, Ivan said:

    I was there for the holiday weekend. Most of the time i saw 77/78 north. I saw as high as 81 on Sunday in the north end around 1:00. We quit. I’d imagine it got hotter this week. I know there are still boats muskie fishing this week. We will be going to our camp this weekend again. As much as id like to fish, I’ll probably skip the muskies, do some work around camp, and maybe do some bass fishing or something.


    This was a hot topic on Facebook this week. It got pretty ugly. There was some name calling directed at some of the guides on the lake.


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    Where was this thread?

  4. Upgraded to a new Terrova so I am selling my old Minn Kota Terrova 24V 80lbs thrust, 60" shaft with iPilot, remote, foot pedal and mounting hardware (both for quick release bracket as well as for mounting right to deck). Foot pedal, remote and motor run great but, there is a squeak at low speeds other than that no issues at all. 


    Motor is located in Victor NY.


    Price is $750.00



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