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  1. Lot 1. Watermelon, wonderbread holo, orange penguin NK, hologram seasick waddle NK, goby Nk, 5 total 25$


    Lot 2. All orange spoons, some original NK 5 total 25$


    Lot 3. 2 NK die hard with one dimpled, 2 hammerhead spoons, one gator one green dolphin, gator NK, dreamweaver 2 face, 6 total 40$


    Lot 4. Nk die hard, nk original dolphin mag, dreamweaver ss 2 face, nk goby, nk test mag of NBK, black cup. 30$


    Shipping 5$ per lot domestic. PayPal only. Pickup in Spencerport. 20190306_155407.jpeg20190306_155753.jpeg20190306_173808.jpeg20190306_173819.jpeg20190306_173832.jpeg20190306_173843.jpeg20190306_173901.jpeg20190306_173913.jpeg


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  2. Lot 1. all orange thundersticks, one rebel stick, total 5, 40$


    Lot 2. storm original thundersticks in rare brown trout pattern, 3 sizes, 70$


    Lot 3. grab bag, 1 bay rat, 1 large tstick in red and white, 1 jr tstick, 1 kaboom, 1 rapala? 20$


    Lot 4. 5 original thundersticks. Jr sizes, glitter patterns, rare , 30$


    Lot 5. 4 sticks, one custom rebel, one blue/orange rebel, 1 silver deep jr bomber, one black and orange storm? 20$


    Lot 6. has rare tutti frutti deep jr tstick, one silver jr tstick, 1 rosemary baby deep jr, and jr 40$


    Lot 7. 6 sticks, all fire tiger, 3 jr tsticks, one mad flash, with damage, one green and silver jr, one jointed unknown brand 45$


    As shown


    Shipping okay, 5$ per lot domestic. PayPal only. Pick up in Spencerport.




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  3. Selling two Penn reels fully spooled with braid backing, copper and floro leaders.


    Penn 345 with 600ft copper, vanish 50lb leader. Power pro backing.


    Penn 340 with 300ft copper, mccoy 20lb leader and power pro backing.


    Both work fine. Need to upgrade. These were my spares. Purchased from A Tom Mik some time ago.


    250 obo for both. Located in Spencerport. PayPal only. Will ship. 20190305_112847.jpeg20190305_112856.jpeg20190305_112949.jpeg20190305_112954.jpeg


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  4. Had my portable heater on the dash and there must have been moisture inside the glass that had froze and unfroze quickly because it's spider webbed. With rain in the forecast I need to know if anyone can help me with a small windshield glass replacement or if anyone knows anyone that can do it. I'm in the port of Rochester. Any help would be great.


    "Many men fish their whole lives without realizing it's not fish they're fishing for"



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