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  1. Hello!!! I am excited to get back into it with COVID putting a damper on 2020! The Pro-Am site is now live and ready to take sign ups! Please make sure you are reading the rules as some have changed. Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you and see you soon!! Penny
  2. Hello Anglers!! I am excited to get back into it with COVID putting a damper on 2020! The Pro-Am site is now live and ready to take sign ups! Please make sure you are reading the rules as some have changed. Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you and see you soon!! Penny
  3. Hello! I have posted the change that the old format will be coming back. Two day consecutive days with Big Fish Fri and Sat along with Big Box Fri and Sat. Thanks!
  4. Hello guys!!! Couple changes for the PRO Division..... 1. The rules now state that 2 hrs of fishing constitutes a full day of fishing - RULE CHANGE - 4 hrs of fishing constitutes a full day of fishing. Pros leave the dock at 5:30 - fishing starts at 6. 6-10 will constitute your 4 hours. 2. The Entry fee will be $1100.00 3. Any issues - Protesting etc will be handled by Dan Brown We have raffle tickets still so if you are interested please reach out as soon as you can. The more we sell the bigger your pot will be. Thanks!!
  5. Huge thank you to all the AM’s that responded to the email thread we had going regarding possible changes. I have taken everyone’s input and made some decisions. I hope I have at least satisfied most of you. 1. The AM division will be two consecutive days. Fri and Sat we will have a Big Fish and Biggest Box prize. The top two consecutive day total will be the 1st place winner. 2. You don’t have to attend a Capt’s meeting. I will post two different days and times and you can download Zoom video conferencing.I will give you the code that you will need to join the meetings. Please have your questions ready. This is not mandatory - it’s for only if you have any questions. 3. Cell phone number will be required on all entries into the AM division. This way I can send out a mass message to all participants in case of emergency/small craft. 4. Instead of three fish we are going to five 5. 4 hours constitutes a full day of fishing. 5 Am to 9AM will be your time frame 6. You can’t leave the dock before 5AM 7. Tournament registration fee is $300.00 8. Chicken BBQ - Friday night tickets are for sale. You can order them on the registration page . Dan Brown will handle all issues/protest We have raffle tickets if you are interested please reach out to me so I can get them to you. The more we sell the bigger your pot will be. Again, thank you all who took the time out to give me feed back. I truly appreciate all your input. Thanks!
  6. Thank you and I appreciate everyone giving me input. I have just posted all the changes and hope I have made choices that will please everyone in some way. It was a tough choice, but I think the choices that were made will work for everyone. Thanks again!!
  7. Thanks Vince! I will keep this tournament running as long as I can. I do it because it is one of the best memories I have of him. It was the only time he let me skip school. 😂
  8. Hi Brian, Thanks for asking. I emailed all teams that fished it last year with some proposed changes and that was one of the changes I proposed. I have been getting a lot of feedback from the teams which is great. I will be making a decision here soon on all the feedback I have received. Thanks!
  9. Greetings Pro-Am Anglers, As we gear up for the 2019 Fishing season, I wanted to introduce myself to some of you who may not know me. My name is Penny Hartman-Lyman and I have accepted the Director’s Position for the Niagara Pro-Am Tournament, I am inviting you to our 2019 event to be held out of the ports of Olcott and Wilson on Lake Ontario May 31 – June 2. This Tournament is an event that I hold close to my heart as it is named after my father (Walter “Skip” Hartman). I am looking to not only keep this tournament as the longest running tournament on the lake, but to have it flourish again. Changes occurred for the Pro Division in 2018. Some of those changes included going back to the Classic 12 fish box, closed communication and a date change back to early June. We are also looking at tweaking some of the Amateur Division rules in 2019. If you would like more information on the Niagara Pro-Am please feel free to contact me at 716-628-2361, [email protected], www.lakeontarioproam.net or check us out on Facebook at Pro-Am Niagara. We are excited by some of the new sponsors who have jumped on board, joining a list of strong supporters for this event. We strive to make this the biggest contest it can be and continue to pay back more than 100 percent of the registration money back to the contestants. New for this year is the 2019 Raffle ticket (see attached). How it works is I need to sell 350 tickets or more at $100.00 each. The payout would be as follows: 1st prize $10,000 2nd prize $3,000 3rd prize $2000 4th prize $1000 5th prize $500 6th to 25th $125 Again this is based on me selling all 350 tickets. If all tickets are sold, I would also Guarantee 1st place Pro $10,000.00 and 1st place Am $3,000.00 before any registration money is collected. I will give Reelin for a Cure $1,000.00 donation and the remainder will be split between the rest of the prize structure. If you would like a ticket please let me know. I can mail one or more out to you. A few have stepped up and offered to help sell tickets as well. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you in advance for your support. Come and be part of our history, celebrating our 35th year this year. Sincerely, Penny Hartman-Lyman Tournament Director
  10. capt meeting Thursday for Pro and Ams. Fish May 31 and June 1 blowoff June 2.
  11. Prize Structure Amateur Each day prize Fri/Sat 1. $900 2. $675 3. $450 4. $225 $250.00 Big Fish Prize Best Two Day Total $500.00 Cup Prize Pro Division 1. $11,000.00 2. $6,000 3. $5,000 4. $4,000 5. $3000 $250.00 Tackle Package Tank Award for worst score (with an actual score, not a zero). $250.00 Tom and Ethel Letcher Memorial Big Fish Prize
  12. As of the other day 20 Pro and like 10 am. Deadline is Monday before penalty and should have a better idea on Tuesday.
  13. I have posted a Pro-Am Niagara Poll on the Pro-Am Facebook page. Make sure you cast your vote! It is in regards to Fri/Sat vs. Sat/Sun 2019. Thank you!!
  14. Yes here is a list of our sponsors to date: Dream Weaver Fish Hawk Niagara County Town of Newfane Keller Technologies A-TOM-MIK Memorial $250.00 Big Salmon Monster Rqymarine Diabolical Sportfishing Fish USA Vision Quest Sportfishing- Tank Award Anglers Avenue
  15. Hello! If you need an observer or would like to be placed on the list for observers please contact me ASAP. The list is growing!! It goes by first come first serve!!
  16. Look forward to having you join us!!! Just received a Dragonfly!!
  17. Hello Everyone! The Niagara Pro Am deadline is fast approaching. Please make sure if you are interested in signing up you check out the deadline dates. You can still sign up after the deadline, but a small fee will be added on. Don't forget MANDATORY Captain and Observers meeting is at the Wilson Fire Hall at 6pm. Also, Friday night we will head over to Live Edge Brewery and enjoy some food and relax! Please let me know ASAP if you need an observer. If you have any questions/concerns please don't hesitate to give me a call Thank you !
  18. If you would like T-Shirts for the event the deadline to order will be May 1st. Please order from the Pro-Am website. They come in four color choices and larger sizes. If you have any questions please reach out to me. Thanks!
  19. We have a winner!!! Thank you for all who have signed up so far!!! We had a tie for the Feb 1st sign up for Am’s and the Pro Team that signed up decided to not participate in the giveaway! With that being said, I would normally draw a winner from the tie, but would like to congratulate two winners for the Am Division! Congratulations goes to Matt Dunn and Eric Herrold!!! Huge THANK YOU to Fish Hawk!!! Please let me know what you think of the process for registration! We will have another drawing on March 1st!!!
  20. Thank you Tom for your support!! It’s always appreciated!
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