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  1. Paying in on your retirement depends on what Tier you’re in and what retirement plan you have.  I’m in Tier 2 and didn’t have to pay in.  The recruiting issue is who wants to be a police officer this day and age with all the negativity towards them.  Also the recruiting issue for PBA of NYS is  who wants to work 25 years when you can go to another department and work 20.  When we retire we still have to pay for our health care benefits, we don’t get them for free (I’m guessing that the same for all state employees).  In our retirement system we get 50% at 25 years of service. We get 1.66% per year after that up to 32 years to max out at 62%. The troopers get 50% at 20 years then 1.66% per year up to 32 years and max out at 70%

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  2. If you google the PBA of New York State there are all kinds of articles on the 20 year retirement for the PBA’s members.  In the past the retirement proposal has passed both the House and the Senate unanimously then goes to her desk and she vetos it saying it needs to be negotiated in the budget (which violates the Taylor Law).  This year it ends up in the House and Senate’s budget proposal but not hers and unfortunately doesn’t make the final budget cut.  Not to make political but in my eyes  she is not a supporter of Law enforcement.  She denies 20 retirement for a union with about 1200 members but finds all kinds of money for a new Bills stadium, housing for illegals, swimming pools across the state….ect….ect….

  3. The st Lawrence river has a closed season and Lake Ontario in Jefferson county is closed.  You find that information in the region 6 special regulations then have to go to the St Lawrence River section to find that it is closed until 6/15.  People come

    from all over the county to fish up and and I can’t believe they can’t read the regulations before they plan a trip.  

  4. This is the prop I went with for my fishmaster 196. I’m getting 45mphish at 52-5400rpms. I called Vic’s Sports center since they set up at lot of them and this is what they told me. I think I would get closer to 6000rpms but I think my engine is mounted to low. 


  5. 2 man clam flip over shanty. Has the black out fabric on the inside, travel cover, sled guards on the bottom. Has one small tear on one side to the outer fabric but could be easily be fixed. Asking 450 obo. Alexandria Bay area


    item has been sold 










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