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  1. You from Jersey, what exit ?   End of May, you'll need to be down deeper with riggers,dipseys perhaps, for trout species depending on weather dictates what level they are at.  Generally 48 for lakers, 50-54 for trout/salmon, follow bait pods.  Walleye - no clue around Sodus, find deeper bays like Chaumet but thats a hike.  

  2. Sorry to hear your story Dr W, really sad there wasn't a helping hand out there. I could understand a charter being hesitant, but no excuse imho for others. I've towed a few on Keuka over the years. Glad to see your still positive. Best wishes !!

  3. First outing of the year, with my 8 yr old son Tristan.   Don't know if he was more excited to fish or by my promise for major screen time on the Nintendo/tablet (my insurance to make sure he wouldn't back out of the trip at the last minute).   He was a great help at the launch, the boat fired right up and ran like a champ.  Poles in at 1:45, headed west and had the first hit at 2:00 - cookie cutter.  He loved it.  The next 3 (20-22 inches) were left for Dad, as a Minecraft cellar was being handcrafted.  Enough is enough, so our electronics focus was shifted to a fish finder how it works dialogue, he landed another 23 inch fish around 3:30.  Heading to back to port, he let me take the last hit, I grabbed the pole, gave a few cranks and immediately gave it back to him.  Enjoyed watching him wrestle it to the boat, took an amateur vid of his adventure in the meantime.  He didn't want to get near the 'monster', so I had to hold the measured 28 inch brown myself.  The only thing that didn't work today was the electronic scale!   Off the water at 4:10.  Worked 10 ft, 100 - 130 back, stick rap in perch was hottest, but yellow and green YOZURIs caught fish too, all said went 6 for 8.      



  4. Did you buy a lottery ticket after that !?   As a kid (with bb gun of course) thought I shot a dove with those 177 darts, he flew away.  Shot another one 5 mins later and downed him, inspecting his breast found the dart !!  I digress to hunting, sorry.   I fish out of Bear Creek for spring browns, is that area worth it this time of year, or stick to the Genny area for the salmon ?   Some salmon have to migrate Bear, no (but not the numbers that the Genny has) ?   

  5. Fathobbit, I understand your comments, I have a different outlook and pinciples guiding me in life (sure I stray, we all do).   It is faith and 'Pay it forward'.  If you were to do the good deed and first mate him, have the faith that if he turned pro he would be grateful, become a friend, remember what you did for him, and give you the shout outs telling you where the action is that he found.   Family, Friends and Fishin'

  6. For all the charter captains out there - a question for you please.  We are on a steady troll west holding 10 -11 ft of water.   Another boat way ahead is turning right to head back east, out in 20-25 fow,   Still circling his turn, he comes into the 10-11 fow without straightening out and pinches me into 6-7 fow.  He grabs up my board in his rigger.  I am not a novice, also realize not a pro.  Did I do anything wrong here captain?   Ya think he would apologize or say something ?  Scratching my head here.... Thanks.


    Ok so we fished 8-1030, went 9 of 9 browns in 8-14 fow.  Out 100 behind boards and 3 lines straight out 150.  Best action on the 3d minnows in silver black, gold black.  Took one on  a spoon.  Water was clear, had 39.  Wind started to blow harder and the waves grew (esp in my 17 footer), we landed (and released) a double and thought that was the best ending we could have.  

  7. I got a temp gauge and want to use it WISELY to catch more browns in Mar/April/May. What should I be looking for on the surface and/or below? Is temp more or less important than the waterline(stain/clear) ? Anything else to consider? Thanks PRO's, I do OK when I go out, just want to learn/get better!! BTW, I don't keep all I catch, only what I can eat when fresh... I just can't seem to enjoy the frozen taste. So you don't have to worry about me depleting your chances to score :D

  8. Got a solid older Blue Fin i use for fishing as often as we can. Over the last year, the aluminum ruptured (1-2 inches vertical crack) at the very front center of the hull. It is the point where my trailer V rubber guide snugs up to the hull. I suspect it is from stress of trailering and bumps. It is way above the waterline but I want to repair so it does not get bigger.

    Can anyone help and offer ideas or product(s) that can correctly fix this? I can also get at this small crack from the inside of the boat....Thanks in advance

  9. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:





    Time on Water: 3 hrs


    Wind Speed/Direction:

    Waves: mild

    Surface Temp:


    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 9

    Total Boated: 6

    Species Breakdown: Browns

    Hot Lure: Black / Silver thunderstick

    Trolling Speed: 2.0

    Down Speed:

    Boat Depth: 8 - 25

    Lure Depth: 4 - 15




    Launched at 3pm, heading west. Set up just east of Bear, and boated a quick 7 lber crossing the creek in 17 FOW. Nice! Tthe next hit behind the boat again as I was holding and letting the line out with 78 ft out!! Sweet ! Handed to my partner, and he boated the 5-6 lb brown. Was thinking great things are gonna happen, but then it shut down for 45 mins. The next 2 boated were the normal 18 inchers that everyone is catching (both near Ginna in 15 FOW). Same LURE COLOR. Took off the firetiger and went to goby pattern. Nothing. One perch rapala stick took a 4-5 lber, off the back of the boat, and the black / silver took a 4 lber near Bear in 18 FOW. Water was clearer to slightly stained. Marked a crapload of fish, alot schooled at 15-19 in 25-30 FOW, but none hit. Maybe we werent down far enough??? I am kinda new to this style fishing (my second year), so any thoughts how I could have boated some of those fish would be appreciated!

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