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  1. I live in Pt Breeze area and am seeing several cottages with aluminum docks. These are docks with feet that sit on the rock floor of the lake, pushing out 15 or 20 feet. I am certain they are removed for the winter. There is another residence that has a permanent dock with steel I beams sunk several feet into the bedrock. Mother Nature has not bothered that dock after several winters. Even has a lift for boat and pwc. Is anyone aware of a dock manufacturer or installer in Rochester/Buffalo area with products that will work on the big lake? Thanks
  2. After I checked other marina websites located around here, it looks like almost $900 is going rate. Looks like I will be towing this boat home next year and doing all these things myself. Thanks for replies.
  3. I have had a 23 foot boat at an Oak Orchard marina for several years. Previously, I have had the boat hauled out, powerwashed, motor fogged and lower unit prepped for winter and stored in a barn for the season. That cost me $375, which seenmd reasonable. New owner, same service, $870. I am wondering if I had a sweet deal for many years and the new rate is the going rate. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Exactly what would I be looking for when searching for the reference point called the ladders east of Oak Orchard? I had heard it was a haven for smallmouth bass in the past. Thanks for any info on this.
  5. Thanks. I cannot find large outboards with 25 in shafts that were used in fresh water. Down South they are everywhere. It will be a roll of the dice to find one not rusting out from the inside.
  6. I am buying a used outboard in FL. It will come with a bill of sale, no title. Outboards are not titled in FL. Does the State of NY require titles for outboards?
  7. Thanks! Gary has worked on the boat before. Looks like he has another project.
  8. I removed a Sea Drive and am left with a large hole and several bolt holes that will need to be filled and gel coated. Is there anyone in the Pt Breeze area that can handle the repair?
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