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  1. Hi, I need some suggestions. I'm new to fishing. I'm in Rochester, NY (Mt. Hope area). Is there any fishing site which is a little easier to do fishing, say bass or catfish. How about the lure or bite? I tried the river but felt very difficult. Can anyone help me? Thanks! Howard
  2. Hi, Does anybody have suggestions on how to fish big carps? I saw several big guys in a nearby pond but had no way to hook up them. What kind of bait do they like? What time is good for fishing carps? Anybody can reply me? I just know how to use worm. Thank you very much. Howard
  3. Thanks for you guys' kind replies. I really feel warm hearts from all of you! It is really a nice forum! I'll do some more homework and report it. Thanks again, Howard
  4. Hi, I just start my angling career recently, and learn everything step by step. Is there any feasible place for a new guy? I'm not eager for big fish now. I tried some places like the Genesee River, the Canal, and several pounds close to Lake Ontario, but totally failed. Is there any place easier for a newcomer? I'm living in the U of R. Any suggestion will be welcome. Thanks, Howard
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