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  1. Name: Xing Location:Macedon,NY Home Port:Sodus Point Boat Name/Type: Fish Lander I fish for:everything ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here). That was an unforgettable experience. Hope to have another chance before going back to China!!!
  2. Thank you very much, Tom B and Tom. I once fished in the canal under a bridge, but no luck. I'll try other places. Thanks again. Xing
  3. Name: Xing Location:Macedon,NY Home Port: Boat Name/Type: I fish for:any I'm new to the area and fond of fishing, especially in ponds, so it's really appreciated who can tell me the the hotspots of fishing. Xing He from China ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
  4. I arrived at Macedon, NY last night from China. Too long and boring a trip. Expecting to have a chance some day to go fishing with you guys.
  5. so fun to find so many great guys here. I'm excited to be able to be there with you soon and hope to have chances to experience fishing on great lakes, which i think is quite challenging.
  6. Thank you, Ray and Musky. Yea, i'm browsing through this site these days, trying to know more about fishing there. Last summer I stayed in Buffalo for two months and visited Sodus Point. I enjoyed myself much The following pic is the one I took at Sodus Point, which aroused my great interest. However, I didn't have an oppornity to fish on lakes. That was a pity. By the way, is there a lot of fish in the Erie Canal? Because it is just behind my daughter's house.
  7. Name: Xing He Location: China Home Port:None Boat Name/Type:None I fish for:everything ================== Hello, everyone. Very glad to find such a great website with so many fishing lovers here. I will stay in Macedon for over two months in summer this year. I love fishing, but have had no experience to fish on lakes before, so I'm here mainly to learn about how to fish on lakes and what i shoud get prepared for it and especially look for partners when i'm there to fish.
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