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  1. Panfisher, thanks. I have heard of Sodus, but never been. As for the posts, I haven't been on LOU much since I signed up. My other gig is Salmon fishing from shore around Port Ontario and Pulaski. I would usually just take the ride, and sometimes check reports from Douglaston, etc. I will be focusing on the pike for now, and I believe Sodus will be my first journey. I sometimes rent boats and canoes. Hopefully there's a place to get minnows in the morning. I like to drop one line and cast another. I hear ya about the bass. I don't mind a large one, but I sometimes get smallies barely bigger than the pike lure. I know the pike season just opened, but I'm wondering if there's enough cover and weeds grown in for them to ambush from? Worth giving it a go anyway. Thanks for the info. Hopefully I can find the time to go soon, and be able to post some results!
  2. Does anyone know a few good places to cast for Lake Ontario Pike? I don't have a boat yet, and actually enjoy fishing from shore or dock. I've lucked into a couple over the years at the Port Ontario estuary, but it doesn't seem to be a great spot for Northern. I did have one fly through the water like a jet and attack my #5 Mepps about 15 feet off shore. Turned out to be an aggressive 30 incher. The only other spot that I have hit any without a boat has been the Owasco Lake pier. Ideas anyone? I'm thinking about Port Bay West. Will travel the lakefront between Rochester and A Bay. Raised on pike fishing! Nick
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