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  1. Started off the AM slow, in 60'-120' with a lot of good bait and marks N/E out of I-Bay. Didnt pick up until late morning with a couple teen CoHo's boarded in 120'/ 80' down. Just as the fish started to pick up, the boat slowed down... and we were "Dead in the Water!" I want to give a quick thanks to the boys aboard "UnReel" this afternoon who came by and began to pull their lines in order to give us a Tow. That was a stand-up move in my book,and the offer was greatly appreciated. (Good luck in the rest of the tourney). Fortunately I have the TowBoat US unlimited Tow service ($67.00) and within 40 min Jake had us enroute back to the bay. It's good service and completely worth it.
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