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  1. It is about time..we have had this in Canada for years. Everyone should be able to operate a boat safely and even though lots of guys have been doing it for years, doesn't mean they really know how to do it safely. Many times we have seen some very dumb manouvres being pulled just outside our Marina and especially when it comes to channels.
  2. Looks just like my Legend XCalibur 185 only newer. Used to fish out there in a 14' dinghy and it was exciting. Big is not better when it comes to catching the fish, just 'enjoying' the ride.
  3. Howdee..fished out of Whitby Harbour from 1984-1990 when the fishing was fabulous..haven't been out in the last 6 years but was wondering if everyone thinks it is picking up again and if it is still limited to about a 4 week span between Oshawa and Ajax areas. Considering going back to the harbour next year..miss the salmon and tired of catching bass. Thanks
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