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  1. Been there plenty! We fish out of a 18.5 foot Lund and with only 2 riggers we always fish a high and low each side. My best advice is never put 2 spinnies side by side. Then I set 1.5 and 3 setting. Not that we never have tangles but we’ve definitely improved over time. We also have to be pretty careful on turns. I see guys out there seem like they pivot when they turn around but no way we can do that.

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  2. Fished 3 hours. 14 hits in 200-300 but 230-270 best. Targeted upper 50’s to 70 down. Stingray wonderbread and a green double crush sd with a green glow howie fly were best. Outside divers at 160 and 180 did well. Nothing huge but overall quality was solid.


    We were up all this past week and targeted this area primarily. Saw good bait and had good action late last week into weekend. Dried up yesterday for us and we had a tough day plus lost some gear which always sucks. Bait was stacked up pretty good tonight again so hopefully everyone gets out and gets them. We’re heading for home in the morning. Enjoyed olcott as always

    And my 7 year old got to reel in his first few silver fish which was a great time for me of course.



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  3. Temperature is a guide to get you in the ballpark, your screen will tell you where to fish.  Speed and presentation are everything and is somewhat unique to your boat and lures being used.  Take notes when rods start flying about direction of troll, speed at ball and SOG.  I very rarely troll East/West unless boat traffic, wind or currents dicate it. I prefer a more northerly to southerly troll to mitigate the impacts of the prevailing Niagara current or in the case after an upwelling, a reverse surface current.  Pay attention to how your rigger lines and divers are tracking behind the boat.   If one side is pulling to middle of boat you are on a terrible track with the current and wind, correct it until they are tracking more inline with the boat, 9/10 times you will find the best presentations and speed by keying in on this item.  Do not be afraid to experiment with anything until you get rods to fire and get confidence in a spread.  Many days it is tough to know what you are doing wrong without the experience behind you to have the confidence that rods will begin to fire when you figure out the magic sauce that day.  But that is why we keep coming back for more, every day is unique and needs to be figured out.

    The current this weekend in olcott was just as describing here. We found east/west to be best. We got of line the lines started to drag behind one side and had less pressure on the other.

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  4. since the question of lead length came up on dipsies I have found personally 6-8 on spoons is good. You can go more but I’ve never found it necessary. On flasher flies I run 8-10 foot for sure. Any shorter I guess the spin is too tight or something. We would never catch. I also have found shorter lengths on downriggers to be better. We used 15-25 this weekend. Used to fish longer when we fished Lake Michigan with success but Lake Ontario is certainly different in that regard. Don’t get discouraged I heard it was a grind all over. We worked and shared information with a guy in olcott and while we did well their boat just couldn’t get them going fishing similar water. Sometimes it goes like that. I’ve been on the other side too many times to count.

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