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  1. Selling my two manual Cannon Uni-Troll 10 STX downriggers with bases and two 12 pound shark weights.  The bases for the downriggers are still on the boat which is why they are not shown in the photo.  Also, I'm selling my two T-44 Church Boards, I would split the package if necessary.  Shipping will be on the buyer.  $300.00 for the two downriggers and $100.00 for the two shark weights and $40.00 for the two Church boards.  I will accept PayPals and Venmo.  I live in Franklin, PA but travel to Erie, PA once a week if someone would like to meet.    



  2. Professionalism

    This past Saturday, my wife, daughter, and I made the four hour trip to the Oak in hopes to catch a salmon or two.  As the morning developed, most boats and action took place between 70 and 100 feet of water.  With beautiful skies and clam water, many sized boats took advantage of the weather.  As we were trolling eastward, a charter boat was heading west when one of their lines took a shot.  The salmon headed in a direction towards the front of my small boat.  The captain yelled and I waved to acknowledge his dilemma, so I make a sharp turn to the south.  After getting my boat and lines on a straight course, I noticed the charter boat netted that fish and the captain yelled:  "Thank you, if you have a green j-plug put it down 50 feet". I know charter boats have received negative press over the years, but the captain of the charter boat Troutman is a class act!  After placing my only green j-plug down 50, by daughter was hooked into a Lake Ontario salmon.    

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