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  1. more info. Is this stuff real? http://lostswimming.com/2014/02/03/ministry-confirms-bull-sharks-in-st-lawrence/
  2. don't know if you can post links or not. If i can, check the video in this link. if not can a moderator delete this. thanks. Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger not the originator! http://www.thewolf.ca/2014/07/11/shark-in-lake-ontario/
  3. My brother in law pulled up a toilet seat on Jordan Harbour one year! Think it ran bout 3 pound!! lol!
  4. Sorry - my bad - called nephew and he says "lakers are out of season right now!" "I was just messing with ya" I caught these back in spring remember! I didn't remember they were out of season otherwise wouldn't put of posted- so almost falsely implicated him. He is a sportsman and wouldn't keep out of season fish. got to be careful on this internet thing. Nice fish tho.
  5. Hey guys - It's just an imaginary line - put there to collect money - I live 10 minutes from the border - we cross all the time - I have more affiliation with my western N.Y. brothers than our capital in Ottawa. It's all about fear and maintaining budgets based on fear, to the border security industry (which is huge dollars in both countries)They should scrap the u.s./canada border and put the resources to the transoceanic borders. So, come on in - just tell em I invited ya - your all welcome - just bring your own beer and ---- can ya bring me a case -- I'll pay ya back!
  6. From a website - LAKE KASHAGAWIGAMOG Lake Kashagawigamog is one of the largest lakes in the Haliburton area. It gets its name from the Native word for "long and winding waters." Sixteen km long and about one km wide, the lake is a very scenic lake for boat cruising. Since it is part of a chain of four other lakes including Head Lake on which the village of Haliburton is situated, boating is endless and even allows boat access to the public docks in town about 3 km away. A popular excursion for guests at Kashaga Lodge often includes a leisurely pontoon boat tour of the lake, with a stop-off in town for ice cream cones, lunch, window shopping, or even grocery shopping. Fishing for bass and muskie, and walleye in Lake Kashagawigamog is excellent especially at the north end where Kashaga Lodge is located. In the winter, this same part of the lake is one of the best areas in the Haliburton Highlands for catching walleye through the ice. Lake Kashagawigamog also has lake trout, but lakers are mainly fished five about kms down the lake where the depth is up to 120 ft. part.
  7. 39 inches - live release after this pic - Lake Kashagwigimog, Haliburton.
  8. Thanks for the tips. Can't seem to find the frequency of the ol' humminbird, so i just mounted the new one a few inches from the old one and I'll just run one at a time if I gotta. Be nice to have two monitors to watch tho!!
  9. o.k. i read some older threads and other advice on the web - quite a common question - It seems that as long as the frequencies are quite different from each other there will be no cross talking between units. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. bought another finder (lowrance) to enhance the ol' hummbird i got - g.p.s. etc. i wanna keep the old one cause it's a pain to remove and still works. Question is can i mount the transducer from the new one beside the ol' one or will the signals the transducers emit clash with each other and screw up the readings? on the receivers.
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