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  1. Did you have any success? The wife and I are comtemplating making a trip to Olcott and are wondering if its worth dragging the boat up or just target walleye on Erie. Any info appreciated,thanks.
  2. What is the preference of choice, treble hook or a single hook? Reasons?
  3. I'm planning on a fishing trip out of olcott and need to find a tackle store in the area. I would like to get a couple reels and have them set up with line. I fish mainly Lake Erie for walleye near Erie Pa. but the wife and I want to drag the boat to Ontario waters. Been on a few charters in Ontario but this time it'll be my boat. Any info appreciated, also how is the park at Golden Hill State park? thanks
  4. I fish Lake Erie a lot but the wife and I want to try Salmon fishing on Ontario someday. Could someone pass on some fishing Ontario intelligence. On Erie I troll for walleye using dipsies and 30# braid. What set up should I use on my poles, line, pound test etc.? Any info appreciated. Thanks
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