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  1. I threw a white spinnerbait last night, and almost every cast I had fish following and even banging their head sideways into the lure-- but not a one actually took it... It looks like a bunch of perch... I caught a few pike on spinnerbaits with Colorado blades last year-- then it turned off in the fall, and I still haven't caught any with them this year either...although I do keep trying. Thanks for the tip.
  2. OK, so my buddy and I went out yesterday evening. I tried the ratl traps, shad raps, etc. that people have suggested, but nothing... My buddy was just using a yellow 5-of-Diamonds Daredevl Imp 2/5oz spoon, and he caught 3 pike and an alewife(!!!)... Right next to me, and I tried everything else, and the 5-of-Diamonds myself for 60-70% of the time... It makes me think something must be wrong with my technique... He has this rather stiff bait casting rod he's using, and I'm just using my trusty 14-year-old 7' Uglystick... Both of us were using braid. He was using a steel leader, and I was using fluorocarbon, but I switch to steel halfway through... He said he was varying his retrieve a lot-- casting and making a lot of 'noise' when it first got into the water, jerking it and rippling the surface...then varying between very slow, speeding up, and stopping... I tried the same, but it didn't seem to work for me... I couldn't disturb the surface when the spoon first got into the water as well as he could, as his rod had a firmer tip than mine-- my tip just absorbed it much of the time... I've never been a believer in gear(rods/reels) having that big of an affect on catching fish-- I've caught plenty on my trusty older gear...as did my Grandfather and my father.. In fact, even the braid on my reel is at least 10 years old. I bought new braid to put on it, but the old stuff seems to work just fine... My buddy's braid was green versus my smoke color, and I'm sure the brands are different....but that can't matter much, eh? Maybe the rod/reel and old braid does have something to do with it? Or maybe I'm just too damn unlucky lately?
  3. Yep, I was guessing 4-5lb. That's the second channel catfish I've caught in my life-- both on lures... The other was a 7.5lb channel cat on a spinner while trolling! -- Derek
  4. So this past Saturday, my buddy and I went out about 5:20am, again. We first were going to try near the tree where we saw people catching them last week, but the waves/swells were a bit more than we wanted to deal with, so we went to the hole near the Parkway bridge... No action on the lures, but we saw a good # of fish surfacing-- particularly when I used ratl-trap type lures that made noise...must be scaring the fish up. When we didn't catch anything there, we moved further up Salmon Creek, and near the bend halfway to the baitshop, I was casting a 5-of-Diamonds yellow Imp. I got a hit, and thought it was a small pike. I was reeling in, convinced it was a small pike, and when the fish saw the boat, it ran and fought very hard-- hardest fighting fish I've had in a while... I saw a flash and knew it wasn't a pike-- way too chunky... Eventually got it netted after a good fight, and it ended up being a nice sized catfish... I couldn't find a scale or measuring tape, but here's a picture: No other action all morning, and I didn't actually see another boater out all morning either-- even though it wasn't raining like the weathermen had forecast...
  5. Thanks for that tip-- we've been getting out early, and have actually quit before 8am, as we get demotivated and don't want to waste the whole day caching no fish-- knowing that 8-11 is more of a hot time than 5-8 is good to know... And thinking back, I do seem to recall having more action later versus earlier, except for a few bass I caught very early last year... We also had more luck in the evening-- and that was usually in the 5-8 timeframe, so that would also coincide with what you're saying... We actually went out for about 10min a few weeks ago when we first got the boat in the water, and I ended up catching a 21" walleye-- I didn't even now there were walleyes in Braddock Bay! So maybe we're partially targeting the wrong time.. Thanks.
  6. I generally try to avoid mid-day fishing, unless I'm wanting to get away from work, and then I throw a few casts during lunchtime(rarely catching anything; usually I have another reason to go to the boat as well). Saturday, we got out about 5:20a, and ended up quitting about 7:30a as we had projects to work on at home(I put up a fence in the heat this past weekend). Where do you get minnows around Braddock's? Does the bait shop near Docksiders carry them? I'm not generally a big fan of using live bait, but I may give it a try... Also, I catch a ton of weeds in Braddocks whenever I use divers/rattletraps/etc... Single hook, eh? What size hook for a 2/5oz Eppinger Daredevle Imp, do you think? It comes with dual hook, but I still often get weeds... I'll have to check out that Johnson's Silver Minnow... It appears to have a soldered hook, which may work much better than the dangling kind... Braided wire leader? I was thinking of trying a Flourocarbon leader, based on this article: http://www.ontariofishing.net/news/dec2006-2.html I was thinking the cheap steel leaders I'm using may be spooking the fish too much, and the leader itself seems to catch on the weeds even if my lure doesn't... My current primary casting rod/real has Firewire on it(6-10lb test; I can't remember which), but I tied on a monofilament leader last year, and that seemed to help... In fact, at one time when my line was cut by something and I didn't put a mono leader on it right away, I lost at least 1-2 fish that struck right next to the boat when I wasn't expecting it-- I figured it was due to the lack of stretch from the mono....maybe I should check my drag a bit more often as well... This post came in as I was writing the above-- as you can read above, I already stumbled on the flouro leader... I'll have to see about rigging one up. Thanks.
  7. Hi. Last year, I bought a boat and got a slip in Braddock Bay and fished it for the first time(I fished the Finger Lakes, Sodus Bay, and Lake Ontario primarily before).. The first few weeks or more(fishing 2-3 times per week), I had no luck. Finally, my buddy and I found we could catch a few pike in Salmon Creek and near the parkway bridge at the edge of the water hole there. Later in the season, that didn't work anymore for us-- even though we saw other fishermen in boats right next to us pulling in fish after fish... When asked how many, I recall one fisherman saying he already caught 40 pike that day-- and they came out after us... we still don't know what they did differently... This year, I thought things might reset, but when we went out Saturday morning, there were half a dozen boats around us, and I saw most of them pulling in fish after fish... This time near the tree on the north/west side of the mouth heading out to the lake. No one in my boat caught a thing, and only one of us even got a strike... So, we're wondering what we're doing wrong? I've had thoughts that it might be scent-related, so I got some fish attractant stuff at Walmart to try to mask any smells that I might inadvertently put on my lures(reading online, this seems to be the only legitimate use for these 'attractants'; masking versus attracting). I don't have high hopes that is the cause, and generally would love to hear any suggestions-- general pike/walleye/bass suggestions are welcome, and even better if they're Braddock Bay specific. For those that aren't aware, Braddock Bay is a very shallow bay off Lake Ontario west of Rochester, NY. Most of the bay is 4-5' deep, with one hole that I know of that goes down to about 10'. There's lots of weeds(on the surface or about 1-2' down), which makes fishing in much of the bay very difficult to say the least-- which is why I generally try to fish the holes(generally near the weed edge, as much as I can see)....most other people do too, from what I've seen... Any tips/suggestions/etc. are very welcome. Thank you.
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