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  1. Hi everybody, I just came across this website and I see the 8th picture saying ' please release all wild steelhead and salmon'. I was wondering if this is mandatory or it's just a kind request from Credit River Association. See link below. http://snapshot-travel-blog.blogspot.ca ... -port.html Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I've been reading the posts from last years and I noticed a pattern. Everybody talks about fish being caught between April and September, outside that timeframe all the topics are related to technics/equipment . My question is : Is it worth trolling spoons or flashers/flies during fall months along GTA shore ? ( Bluffers, Port Credit, Bronte) Can you still catch fish or they all go away up on the creeks or somewhere else. Thank you
  3. Hi everybody, I was wondering if walleyes can be found in Lake Ontario around GTA or they are only at the east end ( Bay Of Quinte) or around the west end ( St. Catharines). Did anybody try to troll around 45-60 fow around this time of year ? If positive, what can you catch at this depth, still only trouts/ salmons ? Thx
  4. Hi Afterschools, I was wondering if you have the address for Ontario maps, like this one that you provided for Lake Erie http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/greatlakes ... ges/a9.jpg Thanks
  5. How far did you fish from the shore ? What was the water depth ? Thank you
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