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  1. Wow what a day on Skaneateles... Thanks to Hook em.. I was trolling way too slow.. Hit at least 10 Lake trout in 3 hours! Limit on lakers for the two of us.. went for rainbow with no luck at all. Couldn't even see them on the humminbird.. Lakers were taken on the east side between 5 and 10 mile point.. about a mile north of 10 mile we couldn't get one rigger down before the other popped. Rigger down 75' in 100 FOW. Using Orange and Silver Speedy Shiners and same color Mooslook Thinfish..
  2. I'm in launching from long point early am.
  3. Fished from boat lauch to 5 mile. Hit 1 15" laker. Pushed to west side (flagpole point) fished north for about an hour. Hit 2 lakers.. both around 15" .... All were released. Is there any lake trout bigger than 15" in this lake?????? East Side: 80 over 100 FOW.. West Side: 90 over 120-140...
  4. First time out on Seneca. Lauching from Sampson with downrigger and copper. Any recommendations on lures, hot spots and such would be greatly appreciated.
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