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  1. Thanks Tom! I took a drive yesterday to see if anyone was fishing on the ponds but the road was closed so i took the detour and eventually got to drive pass them but I did not see anyone fishing. Do people fish along the shore of the lake there or do they fish on the other side of the road on the pond side? I was kinda wondering where people fished the shore on the ponds. I kind of got the sense that either area was someone's yard due to the houses being right on the Lake and on the pond side of the road alot of people have docks and small boats. I didn't want to trespass.
  2. Name: Paul Location: Greece, Charlotte, Rochester (pretty much where they all meet) Home Port: Rochester Boat Name/Type: The S.S. Nattylight (thats the name of my john boat back in Ohio) -NO BOAT I fish for: Fun... but i'd like to learn to catch salmon and trout. But if it has gills I don't mind catching it ================== Hi all, My name is Paul. I am 28 years old and I just moved to the Rochester area at the end of August for work. I was born and raised in Ohio so fishing Lake Ontario and this area in general is new to me. I'm excited to catch some salmon and trout because we did not have them in Ohio. I do not have a boat here in NY so I will be doing my fishing from the shore. I may get a kayak or canoe to explore some of the smaller bodies of water. I joined this forum because I figured it would be a good place to gain some knowledge about fishing in this area. Take care
  3. Hi- this reply is to Kremer01... Sorry its not a pm but it will not allow me to send a pm due to the fact that i'm new to the forum (i think thats the reason anyway). Sorry I didn't get your message until now. Thanks for the invite and your willingness to help.. I actually lived in Columbus for 5-6yrs during my undergrad at OSU. I have only lived in the Rochester/Greece/Charlotte since the end of August. The only rod and reels i have in NY are a 9'0 fish eagle II with an Shimano Aero Stradic 4000 on it, and the other is a fish eagle II 7'0 with a shimano stradic 3000fl on it. I have 8 and 10lb line and an assortment of lures and such.
  4. Hi All, I just move to the Rochester/Greece area about a month ago. I am originally from Ohio and have never fished for salmon or trout. I figured i'd post on here to see what type of line, lures/bait, rod/reels, and techniques you guys suggest. Also, the best places to catch the different kind of trout and salmon in the area. Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I live about 1/2 from Lake Ontario and about 1 mile from the port of Rochester. Also, I unfortunately do not have a boat in NY.
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