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  1. Here are some fish I managed to get since that first one. I've gotten into two larger chinooks so far (one around 15lb and the other closer to 20lb ). Lots of smaller chinooks and a few nice steelhead. I've managed to get into fish almost every time that I've been out. This stuff is addictive! I can't imagine going back to bass fishing next summer Cheers!
  2. I've always wanted to catch a fresh summer salmon from the kayak. After finally upgrading to a larger and more stable kayak I decided to give it a go. I have no previous experience with trolling, especially on Lake Ontario. After a few weeks of reading and preparing, I finally made my first voyage out this weekend. I used a torpedo diver to get a spoon down to about 30-40ft in about 80ft of water. Luckily enough I actually managed to pick up a small chinook I am still learning on how to track down fish but I am hopeful of catching something more sizeable next time. Any good advice will be welcome Cheers
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