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  1. Well the fishing wasnt what I expected but you will have that from time to time. It was great meeting a bunch of good guys, hope to see you out there again. Im not giving up on the bay of quinte cuz of one bad trip...
  2. Aww man there goes that idea.. Used to fish up to lake of the Isles and that used to happen all the time, but it was legit. Well guys cant wait to make the trip to canada A tomorrow see you all on the ice
  3. I got braid on a couple rods and floro on others. Guess I will c what works better up there... The 27th can not get here fast enough. C you guys on the ice!!!!
  4. Just wanted to say Hello to all the guys going to BOQ next weekend... I live out by Utica and cant wait to go been waiting for this trip for years Does it look good for ice next week? I am a die hard Oneida lake guy, but with this awsome weather we have had I havent even got my transducer wet ... Any pointers for the bigger eyes would be appreciated, think I got a good idea though. One big question is line and lbs? Thanx again and cant wait to fish Bay Of Quinte.
  5. First day on LOU, I use MFF alot though. Havent met or spoke to any of you guys but I am in for the BOQ trip dewey let me in on it. Just wanted to say Hello and c you all in 2 weeks cant wait
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