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  1. I called paypal this morning and told them I agree to refund the "not working" downrigger and broken base.
  2. Ok. First this guy said the swivel base was broken. And complained the probe was not included. I offered another base and apologized for the probe error. I offered him a full refund. No he wanted to keep the items and wanted money back. Now he is saying one of the riggers is broken. Both riggers where tested and working. I have sold many items on ebay without one singe person ever giving me negative feedback. How can i have screwed him if i offered him a full refund and a replacement for the so called broken swivel?? This guy is the one trying to do the screwing.
  3. Bandrus, Thank you!! I have tried to make this right. It was an honest mistake. Thank you for understanding, i just wish the buyer did!!
  4. I offered you a full refund. I also offered you a swivel mount if i had one. That is fair I copied and pasted this quote from the private message you sent me...."****!!! hope i run into you sometime." If you think i would make it right after you threaten me you are crazy!! And like i said in my response to your pm... You have my address!!
  5. First of all, you did threaten me by saying "I hope to run into you sometime." How else would that be taken. I have a copy of all the pm's that where sent. I do not appreciate being called a liar. It was an honest mistake not knowing the probe was in the pic. I told you that i would see if i had another mount to send you. I don't know where you think you can get a used probe for $30. Maybe a broken probe for $30.
  6. I apologized for not realizing the probe was in the pics. I was not trying to get over on anyone. I told him i did not know about the base being broken. I told him i may have another base and that i would look and let him know. I offered to refund his money. I am not sure what else he wants. I am an honest person and do not like being taken advantage of and surely would not do it to another. What else can i do to make it right?? Also steelydan sent me a threatening private message after i tried to set everything right!!
  7. This is a homemade planer board system with rod holders and a light. It measures 6 ft 11 in wide and is made from copper pipe. The down tubes are wood filled. There is one spot that has broken loose and will need to be resoldered. I didn't fix it because it will make for easier transporting. The planer boards are made of wood. $150.
  8. I have two older model cannon mag 10 downriggers for sale. They both work great. 5ft booms. One has coated cable, the other regular cable. Come with swivel bases. $350 for both
  9. Can you email me pics if it's still available [email protected] [ Post made via iPhone ]
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