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  1. Straight fast retrive works well but a twitch and pause give good action and had many strikes on it also.
  2. Thanks for the comment. It was cool seeing how the fish reacted to the baits.
  3. The following video is a brief view of some of the underwater action during our latest trip to Saskatchewan. We took 4 of these baits on our last trip - one was bitten off by a big pike and the other three are covered in teeth marks. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An4s5QNA2XY'>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An4s5QNA2XY
  4. 'Beneath Bob's' is a short film of a couple of minutes of underwater footage from our recent trip to Bob's Lake in the Land O lakes region. Our cameras caught views of pike and large schools of crappie and bluegills. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tS8y7WuW3c
  5. Thanks for the comment PAP. We hope to get a lot more underwater footage this summer of different species.
  6. This video shows some of the massive perch schools we followed on Lake Simcoe on May 7, 2015. All of the footage was taken in shallow water (6 to 10 feet) in the Sibbalds Point area and the schools had good mixes of jumbos and juveniles. Some good sized smallies were also seen in and around the perch schools. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Glad you enjoyed the video.
  8. Hi everyone, We recently completed the following documentary of the Ringwood Fish Culture Station processes after following the efforts of volunteer group from the Metro East Anglers for the past year. This video, now being shown at the Sportsman Show in Toronto, shows the full process from egg collection to releasing reared salmon and trout back into the tributaries of Lake Ontario. This should be of interest to all outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the great Lake Ontario fishery we have today. Hope you enjoy!
  9. This video is Part 2 of our Bay of Quinte walleye trip. Here you'll see numerous fish being caught including one just under 12 pounds as well as a huge 15.5 pound trophy (at the 7:53 mark of the video). It was an unusually mild December day with a bit of rain in the afternoon and a consistent 'walleye chop' all day. A good bite throughout with all of the popular stick baits producing well. Most fish released with a couple of the smaller ones taken for the table. Hope you enjoy! .
  10. Thanks for the comment Iceman, we were right by Adolphus Reach for most of the day.
  11. We recently spent a few days fishing on the Bay of Quinte for large walleye. This is a brief video showing some of the walleye we caught during one of the outings. While in the Bay we fished with Aaron from Canadian Trophy Fishing Adventures and Mike from Salmon Fishing Charters. Both are very competent, knowledgeable and friendly charter captains. We're looking forward to the ice season and will definitely be paying the Bay of Quinte a visit when it freezes. Part 2 of this walleye video contains footage of a 12 and 15.5 pound walleye. To be posted soon ... Hope you enjoy!
  12. Thanks panfisher. The video was taken on the Petawawa River in Algonquin. The muskie for the most part were clear however one in the middle of the video was barred. We're pretty sure the last muskie had a sucker supper but just out of camera range.
  13. During a recent fishing trip we collected underwater footage of fish in their natural habitat - not being fished or baited. We were concerned that the size of our camera rig would scare the fish, however, the opposite was true as it attracted walleye, smallmouth bass, redhorse suckers and muskie in good numbers. The cameras were left running for approximately 2 hours in 2 locations, 12 feet of water in a river channel then 4 feet of water in a silty bay. This video shows the muskies that passed the cameras; the walleye, sucker and bass footage will be posted soon. Hope you enjoy! Tzlm6vW3WM0
  14. Hi Nemesis, we are using GoPro2's for our downrigger footage mounted both on the ball directly and using a trolling housing.
  15. Looking forward to seeing the footage machzrcr! We average anywhere from 2.2 to 3 on the ball.
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