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  1. Can someone recommend a good charter if things are slow and I need to hit the sand bar or big water. I will be fishing Devils Hole and a few other spots from shore/wading but might have to find a last minute boat if I prove to be a big sign that says "STOP BITING" as usual.
  2. 43 views and nobody wants to help a fellow angler???
  3. I will be making my first trip to the Niagara River for Steelhead from 4/18-4/21 and I am concerned that this weather is going to have a negative effect on the fishing. Can anyone give me some insite into what they would anticipate the bite to be like in a month with this weather? I fish Steel in Michigan and our run is ahead of schedule because of these water temps. Alot of gas money and driving if we're gonna be too late.
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