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  1. bigcats.

    channel cats

    here in pa it is legel to use sport fish for bait as long as it s in season and of legal size.
  2. bigcats.

    channel cats

    thanks for the info guy. i fish the susquehanna river in pa for channel cats and flatheads. the flatheads we catch here go up to 40 lb. alot of 10-30 lb fish. channel cats average about 10 lb. i also fish the potomac river in md. near dc for blue cats. they are big. my biggest down there is 69 lb. i can almost always get a 40lb or 2. i m just looking to try something new. make a road trip north.
  3. bigcats.

    channel cats

    does anyone fish for channel cats? i m a guide here in pa. i fish for channel, flathead and big blue cats. i was thinking about trying to fish the st lawrence or tributaries for channel cats.
  4. Name: lee Location:harrisburg pa Home Port: Boat Name/Type: catfish express I fish for:channel, flathead and blue catfish ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here). new guy here from pa. just looking around on here. was wondering how the channel catfishing is up that way. thanks. lee
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