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  1. I recently bought a set of hot spot agitators that are connected together and has a metal clip which they call a self locating snap ( it might even be called a power grip ). I just cant figure out how to connect it to the downrigger cable? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Not familiar with Western Waters area. Can you give me a hint?
  3. I am getting my boat out this Saturday and plan on leaving from Port Dalhousie in Ontario . Any suggestions on where to go on the Canadian side? Is there a better place to fish right now ?
  4. Just started fishing Lake Ontario late last year. I have been fishing in 100 to 120 ft water near Bronte Creek and have caught a few fish 3 to 4 lbs. Where would I go that is not too far to catch either a good number of fish or larger fish this time of the year?
  5. Name: Big Guy Location: Home Port:Hamilton Harbour Boat Name/Type: I fish for: ================== Just got my first boat and i am still new to fishing lake Ontario. I don't have downriggers but use dipsy divers and have appropritate rods. Any advise for a newby out of Hamilton?
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