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  1. Hey guys, browse the forum a lot seen a fishing video section figured i would post. Looking forward to 2016 walleye season! & here is my last muskie video of the season Enjoy!
  2. here are 2 of the only muskie that i have caught this year both around the same size with 25lbs+ on both of them. both came on the same bait. hope you enjoy the short videos from lake st clair. and my muskie casting! Both fish where C&R safely
  3. Went out on bass opener got out on the water at about 6:32AM and got off the water at 8:50PM started in the shallows and didnt find any fish, just a nice gold fish out of the cut, went out to some deeper water 10fow+ not too deep though, and started getting some nice smallmouth, i was using a purple and brown goby coffee tube and it worked wonders, lost lots of big heavy fish on hooksets that seemed to stragiten out my hooks! ended up with atleast 40+ nice fish, got a few small mouth in the 18.5-20 inche range and my first fish on bass opener a 20.5 inch smallie that weighted 3.75lbs , not much a belly on her though. also got a nice 20 inch large mouth, no real weight to it either, i believe it weighted 3.5lbs. my fishing partner also landed alot of nice fish on the fly out on the lake! also we got two double header small mouths and a nice pike on a big depth raider that took off through a hole in the net. Here is the short video i threw together, hope you enjoy Watch in HD!!
  4. Thanks misdemeanor, and old man i use a GoPro HD Hero, i usually shoot at 720p at 60 frames per second for best smooth slow motion and videos, but it also gives me the option to film in 1080p which takes days to upload to youtube lol
  5. was out on lsc the weekend after muskie opener, i didnt get out on opener due to conditions, it was my first muskie of the year and my best catch, check out the video, 42â€. this looks like a good forum, im glad i joined, and i hope you enjoy my short video i through together, apologies for the music. i presume this fish to be around 25lbs
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