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  1. I have a salmon charter booked for Monday but I'll be coming up the area tomorrow and staying until Tuesday. Figured I would bring my own gear up and do a bit of shore fishing. I'll be staying near the Olcott marina so 18 mile is the closest but I'm not sure what the bite is like this time of year. From what I have read online the Niagara produces some good smallmouth during summer so I'm wondering if that would be better. I am mostly interested in smallies but I will be releasing whatever I catch so I guess I'm really just looking for some good action, regardless of fish. So which is better 18 mile or Niagara? Or are there any lakes/creeks nearby worth checking out? What spots should I fish at either? I assume close to Burt dam if I fish 18 mile? And the Niagara should I do the NY power platform or head to devil's hole? Most of my gear is for live bait so my artificial selection is pretty limited. What works best this time of year? Any other tips, tricks, or suggestions you may have would be appreciated.
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