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  1. For years I have wanted a GW with hardtop and twin outboards. Had a Byliner Ciera 2655 that brought many fish into the boat but lacked deck space. Did like the cuddly fridge though to keep the beer cold. Although I went smaller, wider beam and much more fishing space. Will be trying the outriggers in some fashion - maybe at the end of March!
  2. I do have the holders mounted on the boat (came installed). Aluminum poles fully rigged with clips but not sure if ever used. attached picture shows the holders (and my dad).
  3. I purchased a 2000 Grady White Gulfstream 232 last July with the intent to fish LO and off the coast of Maine. Boat previously was located in Maryland (now on Lake Champlain – Vermont side) and included outrigger poles. Never thought about how I might use them for freshwater trolling and after not seeing much on YouTube other than saltwater videos thought why not ask the experts. Note I do have Canon downriggers mounted for when the fish go deep. I have never had planer boards for early season trolling and had thought of making or purchasing some but after seeing the outrigger poles (like new condition) in my garage all winter I figure they should have some value. Has anyone used outrigger poles for topwater trolling on freshwater? Any best practices or advice I should consider? Note I searched and read several similar post but most are old. Wasn’t sure if still used or not.
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