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    Professional Angling for all species.
  1. I hope you don't think I'm confused "Original Evil Eye"? If so Sir or Mam your knowledge must be updated. I'm talking about a Legal named Lure called the "Evil Eye" it was used back in the 60s in Ontario Canada. And documented in the United States patent and trademark office.
  2. cptcove "ENGLISH" I have an original Evil Eye. I was involved with the actual production of the original Evil eye. To answer your question the evil eye was made to catch musky, walleye, and large mouth bass. The evil eye was first used for Largemouth bass at Rice Lake Ontario Canada. On a Lilly pad patch I remember the exact day and Chief Smoke was in the boat with us that day. Chief Smoke from Serpent of the Mounds always joined us and taught me angling skills that I still remember today.
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