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  1. Thanks for the advice. I bought a dipsey rod already but with braid, I need one more so ill set it up as you suggested and I can test them both out and see what I prefer. Been hard for me to get out lately with the kids and sports, but once i get some results ill post them for people just starting up like me. ive already learned alot reading other posts and stuff, thanks guys....
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, couple things I can try next time out. Ill buy a rod and make it a wire dipsey set-up. From the reading I have been doing they sound pretty effective. Ill stick with keeping it simple but a little more versatile and see how she goes. I just love getting the boat out again and getting back into downriggin, forgot how much fun this type of fishing is and all the different things to try nowadays, pretty neat.
  3. Thanks Pete, Absolutely crossed my mind to do that in the spring, but I like to give things a try and sometimes learnining from your mistakes is a good thing. While I am trying to figure out the fall fish, thought I would ask for some advice to hopefully get me a couple fish and put a smile on my sons face....Cheers!!!
  4. Hey Chas, I am running out of Port Weller, Port Dalhousie, or even Jordan Harbour, all within ten minutes of me to launch. The fly is a chartreuse and silver color, with a red hook and a stinger treble with a small rattle. Thanks bud
  5. Hey everyone, just looking for some advice on what I should be running on my boat. I use to downrigger alot when I was younger but I am now getting back into it with my little boat and hopefully someday I can upgrade, but for now this is what I have. 16' aluminum with a 30 hp suzuki on the back(which trolls very nice), and two manual walker downriggers. When I am out by myself I have been running a white with green spots spindoctor with a flie and I have been experimenting with the other rod running a fire tiger J-11 or a Michigan Stinger Froggie color. The Spin Doctor I have been running around mid depth hoping for salmon, and I have been hugging the other downrigger 5 feet from bottom looking for lakers. I have had a few trips out with no success so far. I think one mistake I have been making is running north to south following the gradual bottom, probably I should be finding say 100 feet and running east to west along 100 feet and if nothing go to 80 and run along that east to west or whatever it may be. Also, I have been trolling anywhere from 0.8 to 2.8. I have about a two foot flouro leader with bearing swivels. The flie I got out of the package I just used the line it came with which looks to be only 14 inches or so, so I am guessing from reading some of the other posts, I should tie it up with some new flouro line? When I am by myself, should I have a more aggressive approach and run lake trollers with a spoon or wobbler on the back to get alot more flash down there? when I have a buddy with me I was thinking get the riggers set up and on the other two rods run dipseys or even planer boards. I have been reading about this copper line you need to run dipseys, sorry but this is my first couple months getting back into it after twenty years, amazing how ANYTHING changes when you havent done it for so long so please explain terminology as well!! LOL, thanks guys for reading and your opinions in advance!!! Sweitz, aka Black Bomber
  6. Name:Dan Sweitzer Location:St. Catharines, ON Home Port:Port Dalhousie Boat Name/Type: It's a 16' aluminum Starcraft with a 30 hp Suzuki. Just got it last spring and painted it silver and black, open for suggestions on the name, lol, Black Bomber?? hehehe I fish for: Chinook,Coho, Lakers, Browns, Walleye ================== Hey everyone, so glad I found this site, looks pretty awesome. I use to downrigger alot when I was younger, trying to get back into it now 20 years later!!! While I said i go for those species, havent actually got much yet other than walleye when I go north. This is the first time I have been taking it out on Ontario. I have two walker downriggers mounted with two holders on each rigger. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated in terms of set-ups for such a small boat and four rods going. Ill post and ask questions more in the appropriate forums, obviously my boat is weather restricted a bit...Cheers!!!! (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
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