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  1. It is not Atlantic Salmon, but Salmon in the Baltic sea. The Atlantic salmon cant live there becourse ot there is very littel salt in the wather. The biggest this year is 26 kg. fortenly not by a fishing rod but lines whit hug. WILD : http://www.s-s-d.dk/news.php?readmore=1714
  2. Tanks all I Love the reply : the littel harttop whit tuna door :D Trolling is very popular ind Denmark/Sweden/Finland and we godt a lot of competitions. The biggest is the TV-station who give 15.000$ for the biggest salmon in a 4 days competition. A littel trailer to the kontest here :
  3. At last i find out to use the BBcode from Youtube
  4. I have make som new trolling movies i want to share whit you Guys on the other side of the World The first one it a trailer to my 35. minutes long movie to our trip to Hesslö in Sweden to get salmon. This one is from a place call Abykäs in Sweden, from last year. It calls "Salmon Party ind Baltic Sea" You can see all my movies at Youtube here Please enjoy
  5. Hey boys I just want to show 2 movies from the largest and second largest competition in Scandinavia. First Simrishamn in Sweden 2011 (second biggest) Full movie is 3 hours. So Trolling Master Bornholm 2012 in Denmark (The biggest) Full movie is 45 min. Enjoy the movies from the other side of the planet
  6. Hello boys Just a greeting from the other side of the world. I love reading this forum, and will just introduce myself. Name: Michael Country: Denmark Boat: http://www.galia610.dk - Follow how I have built my boat up here Website: http://www.s-s-d.dk I will just give you one of my films from the second largest trolling competition in Scandinavia. It's from 2011 It is a trailer of a movie in 3 hours with salmon salmon salmon ... See it here: see you ...
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