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  1. Kevin, myself and a couple buddies traveled 2 hrs to Buzzards Bay in my boat and put a good whack in the Black SeaBass, our original intent was to fish offshore on Jeffries ledge but the marine forecast told us to pick a plan B. We had our BSB limit in a few hours and spent the remaining time targeting scup till it got sporty out there. Cant wait get out there again









  2. 1 hour ago, KJ Louise said:

    I love my 27' Eastern (downeast) there are days I wish it had hips but it's great to trailer to Lake O from NH. Meets all the Highway restrictions without permits. It's comfy, safe, practical, and an OUTBOARD!IMG_0352.JPG

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    And......looks great OTW

    012 (600x450).jpg

  3. I personally witnessed two 30-06 700's fire when the two-position safety was pushed to the fire mode.  In both cases they were different guns, different owners, both guns were never trusted afterwards. the older rifles had the two-position safety that had to be moved to fire before the bolt would open to unload the gun, seems the newer guns have three position safety.


    I have an older Rem 742 30-06, great gun, never jammed but I was warned it always needed to slam shut using the bolt release for the breech to close tight

  4. SmellsLikeFishNH, on 05 May 2016 - 2:02 PM, said:

    Is there a particular station on the lake people chat on? In New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee we all chat on 12, I will be there Sunday and just curious if there was a common channel.





    Good Luck out there Scott......I was out there last weekend chatting with other NH boys on 12 :yes:

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