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  1. Kevin, myself and a couple buddies traveled 2 hrs to Buzzards Bay in my boat and put a good whack in the Black SeaBass, our original intent was to fish offshore on Jeffries ledge but the marine forecast told us to pick a plan B. We had our BSB limit in a few hours and spent the remaining time targeting scup till it got sporty out there. Cant wait get out there again
  2. Congrats Kevin, I'll be Black Sea Bassing Buzzards Bay next weekend......2moro I'm headed for the other table fare (haddock) on Jeffires ledge 30 miles offshore
  3. Will a hard-top boat fit in your winter tent shelter?
  4. Willy-C

    Big Boat

    And......looks great OTW
  5. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/moeller--3-8-fnpt-3-way-fuel-valve-brass--9398926 if you have any suction restriction from the tank, the large motor can produce too much vacuum and can hurt the kicker fuel pump if you only use a standard tee fitting. Pretty good price from WM too I also have a Merc/Tohatsu 8 hp kicker, great motor
  6. https://nh.craigslist.org/boa/6056909110.html not a StarCraft but similar
  7. And the best part Good Luck out there next year, I'll wave as you go by
  8. Here's a 3 man limit of 45 haddock, 3 cod and one lone Pollock on top
  9. I love fishing offshore in the Atlantic I call it meat-fishing http://vid1116.photobucket.com/albums/k571/e-fishin-c/2011%20Videos/IMG_2611_zpsf7kuyg9q.mp4
  10. Awesome Vid CDQ.......Thanx for sharing!
  11. I personally witnessed two 30-06 700's fire when the two-position safety was pushed to the fire mode. In both cases they were different guns, different owners, both guns were never trusted afterwards. the older rifles had the two-position safety that had to be moved to fire before the bolt would open to unload the gun, seems the newer guns have three position safety. \ I have an older Rem 742 30-06, great gun, never jammed but I was warned it always needed to slam shut using the bolt release for the breech to close tight
  12. That recipe I call "Lobsta Trout".........close you eyes and think lobsta
  13. I also picked up a Standard Horizon GX1600........I hooked it up to the garmin FF/plotter and the gps/polling feature works great....along with the DSC for hailing buddies
  14. Good Luck out there Scott......I was out there last weekend chatting with other NH boys on 12
  15. Hmmm, I was wondering this past weekend why the doors were closed......was looking forward to spending a few sheckles there again
  16. I'll be putting around the bay in two weeks......save one or two for us
  17. I have a 2011 Merc/Tohatsu 8hp, 4stroke.......great kicker, wish I had the charging circuit
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