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  1. This past week was the first time I ever fished with the Fish Hawk in action ( Finsntins boat).....very impressed.....now to convince the admiral my tub is not complete without one...
  2. Here ya go Steve.....this pix taken from Jason's Fish fighter yesterday Gotta love that Eastern.....it was great hearing you and Tinker/tinker on the radio
  3. I remember last year our crew showed up just after a hard westerly HD blow.......the fish were all under 220' the first day we arrived.....the second day they came up to 175'.....third day they were at 135' The probe we used read 72 deg at surface and 69 deg near the end of our DR cable (200') I'm thinking it was all the warm water stacked up in the eastern basin pushing the thermocline down?
  4. Ultracas, when is this blow coming in? (sorry, newbie at marine forecasts) Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  5. If you haven't already you may wanna change all the gas lines from tank to engine......older gas lines can swell up inside due to ethanol and cause much trouble Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. I don't know your boat or motor but if it was mine and I was suspecting fuel issues the first thing I would do is find an aux fuel tank (with fresh fuel)and connect directly to your engine to rule out bad fuel or fuel delivery (restriction in fuel system) At least it will give you a direction to start...... in the engine or the tank/lines/filter
  7. KJ, Good Luck out there I'll be there 8/18 out of Mexico (not in my boat)
  8. Same here Capt.....I'll be OTW 8/18 ( Lord willing and the creek don't rise)
  9. You from Hooksett too?? We may have crossed paths somewhere? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  10. Aaaah, I see'um......http://www.coldwatertackle.com/trolling/downrigger-weights
  11. ?? any idea what brand/manufacturer is for the above d-rigger weight??
  12. ?? are these "what the heck" looks like?? I bought these in Mexico NY tackle store (Jon's?)
  13. Is it possible the wiring connector at the motor on the servo is plugged in backwards? The connector on mine looks like it could be accidently connected wrong
  14. Our crew eeked out a couple browns near Big Salmon, 20fow off spoons...but overall tough fishing for us Here's Rickski and his brown Fish-on, we heard you on the VHF yesterday.....(along with all the Canada talk)
  15. Nice job Capt Rob.....I was out there yesterday near you and managed to troll it to Sandy Creek by late am........in the pm we investigated deeper water also (50+) and found only a double rainbow after the lake flattened out No fish in the pm .....we couldn't get a fish to bite to save our souls
  16. http://www.simyamaha.com/ This is who I use for yammy parts.....don't know about OMC
  17. Thanx for the heads up guys......time to hook up the printer Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  18. Looks good Dukdog......careful now, you may NEED a bigger boat with all the goodies now...hehehe I'll be splashing mine this Sat on Winni for a shakedown....can't wait Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  19. Good luck out there Capt Spike.....hopefully you guys flatten it out for our crew the following weekend Be Safe Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  20. I'll be pulling into your neck of the woods a week from this Fri Planning on yanking in a few browns and visiting my favorite Mexican restaurant in downtown Oswego Good Luck on your 17' GLS
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