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  1. Maybe a silver laker..??...
  2. Hey Spike, You be a day ahead of my crew, I'm also heading to Lake O that Fri am (26th).......I'm setting up a couple triple rod holders mounted onto each end of a big cooler......that will ride in front on my open bow Where are you launching out of, we will be in mexico bay
  3. I have a 19' Grady with a new (last year) Merc(tohatsu) 8HP mounted on a garelick adjustable kicker mount, with 3 gal remote tank and steering bar It works great for aux power and trolling.......IIRC max is around 5-6 mph......trolls down less than 1 mph I justified buying new motor considering the cost of fuel, not the cost of the boat.......I troll a lot so the payback will be in fuel savings and/or a potential major engine repair from trolling my 150HP for extended excursions......plus I have a slow ride home if the main motor takes a vacation
  4. Great name if your dog named it........ "Cat-ass-trophy".......
  5. Egoody, I'll be a week ahead of you.....going out with a few friends in a couple of boats for a squeeze weekend in the same area We'll be doing the same for browns and maybe some king action out in the deeper water if conditions are good
  6. Miss Em, great advice......I'm ready to spool up two reels and was wondering how...
  7. I have a 16', 1994 and it has a hull identical to a 16' Starcraft of the same vintage...Good boat......I suspect they bought the raw hull from Starcraft in those days and fabricated everything inside for themselves
  8. Thanx Mike for chasing those toothy critters and helping out my furbuddies, they are my bunny chasers http--,,--//
  9. Thanx Mike, Good info....I don't like the idea of smoking pc boards, I'll double/triple check the polarity One d-rigger has the cable/plug and the other has just a bare wire with brittle insulation....it looks like the power cord is crumbling from long time storage.....I'll end up buying the replacement cable/harness from someone like Fish307 or others the d-riggers were only used a few times but stored many years in a barn, the original owner was suppose to find the manual but has not replied yet, so I'm anxious to try them out without doing damage When the pc boards go out, do they quit working completely or just not return on their own?
  10. I too don't mind dogs on boats.....Good choice....
  11. Not very inventive to my boat name but it did get changed briefly when on my first trip last year on Lake O to the "Weenie-Sea" I lost my favorite hat to the infamous lake gods on the first day out so my immediate job off the water that day was to purchase the first hat I could get my hands on...the local tackle store had exactly what I needed...that hat would be soon be the target of my inability to complete the task of landing a fish without breaking off and losing the battle of the kings At the end of the weekend I landed an 18# king literally on the last minute of our trip from the last pole in the water......so the name Willy-Sea returned back.......I don't have a big weenie but the hat makes up for it.....
  12. I hear ya.......I need to do some "googling" to decipher some of these colors out....
  13. I have a pair of Cannon Mag10a's on my grady that work OK (slow but OK) and I picked up another used pair of Cannon Mag10's a got weeks ago What I didn't get was an owners manual that shows wiring diagrams.....the power cords were bobbed off short......Hoping to tap the endless wealth of marine knowledge to answer a few technical questions the newer Magnum 10's have "Positive Ion Control" on a sticker......they have the momentary up/down switches with circuit breaker push button...(no other knobs)...my older Cannon 10a's have the maintained up switch for retrieval, so I'm suspecting the newer ones have the internal circuit board to allow the auto-stop feature I've read that the auto-stop senses the ball out of the water......does an extra wire need to go outside the boat (pos or neg)? Can I test the operation of this function jury rigging something out of the water..( bucket of water/work bench/battery)..??.....(boat is currently under winter cover) I've read that the circuit board is obsolete and I don't really want to do the smoke test quite yet.....can hooking it up by mistake with rev polarity do harm to the internal circuit board?.......(cut power wires don't show which is pos/neg) Does the Positive Ion Control draw any/much from the batteries while trolling? ....can it be shut off?.....Does it work for catching more fish??.....(.I have dual batteries with a/b/both switch) Thanx in Advance, ~Willy-C~
  14. Maybe the probe affects the diving depth and brings it up?
  15. Kinda difficult to take the plunge in the hard water now......Think Spring (but not too fast )
  16. Is the controllking watertight..??
  17. I hear ya on the waterproofing.......this Itroll says it's watertight and that alone seems worhty of looking at, but the website says this hasn't even been released yet, and no price posted....I'm not big on being a guinea-pig but anxious to see if this itroll does what it says.......seems a little too complex to play with underway, IMHO simple sometimes is better
  18. seen one of these..?? http://youtu.be/nrjf9uffUmk
  19. I'm all ears on this subject too...... ready to buy one but have the same questions
  20. Colin, Sorry, I don't mean to hijack your thread but figured more questions will bring out more answers for both of us...... My first and only trip out to Lake O last summer was near Oswego The local fishing just ain't been the same since.....
  21. How big are the 00 ones......I have a couple of size 1 (luhr jenson), maybe about 3.5 to 4" dia.....are those good to start?
  22. Thanx Hawkeye and MarkB, Great info, 30 it is......Now just have to sort out the 7 vs 19 strand .......more reading and search will give me plenty to do till thaw
  23. As a newbie, I'm also setting up a couple of dipsy's ??I'm looking at these ( http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/2-pa ... ing-reels/ ) Would this reel be good for size for the 1000' spool??.....(the convector comes in 30 & 45 size)......Thanx ~WC~
  24. Thanx Guys, Looking forward to another trip to Lake O for some brown action this coming May, sorry in advance for the stupid questions that may come......this site looks like a great place Here's a pix of my tub with it's new trailer ready for the road back to NY
  25. Hey......Do you think the pink energizer bunny pattern will work......LOL
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